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What You Will Learn On This Free Webinar:

We are happy to announce that Nadine Zeinoun, who was awarded the “Most Promising Emotional Intelligence Coach of the Year 2023” has created a free webinar to help you create more engagement and achieve higher performance within your teams.

The 5 different behavioral stances that employees take in order to discover what drives them towards commitment, engagement and high performance.

The #1 Key Factor to moving your team from resistance, defensiveness and disinterest to open-mindedness, commitment and initiative taking.

Understand the impact of your emotions and actions and how they may be sabotaging your relationship with your team so you will be able to:

Avoid actions that create gaps between you and your team.

Leverage actions that will create harmony, engagement and coherence.

How to adopt the appropriate mindset that will help you to better understand your employees; their motivations, their drivers, their fears… so you can get the best out of them.

3 Key Conversational Intelligence tools that will transform the relationship you have with your team into a relationship of Trust, Commitment and Fulfillment.


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