Hamas Pandemic Protection

Enhanced Need for Hamas Pandemic Protection. Are You Prepared?

Enhanced Need for Hamas Pandemic Protection. Are You Prepared?

As a former FDA COO and Harvard faculty member, I taught and practiced health and healthcare risk management for over 40 years. But never have I been so worried for our nation and its businesses, jobs, and people. So, I am ringing a bell.

You thought the level of government agency and business recklessness in the Hawaii fire was obscene! America and its allies, including Israel, are unprepared for the enhanced need for Hamas Pandemic protection.

As Executive Chairman of my new company, Safely2Prosperity, it’s my immediate job to monitor the crucial and horrible Israel-Hamas-War-related events constantly. As it is the full-time job of the company’s CEO, Former Lockheed Martin senior executive Dr. Haden Land.

Of what to be aware?

You might recall that during the first wave of COVID-19, the US economy was damaged in the range of $14T (and on top of that, 1.1M deaths of people worth countless trillions of dollars). Both numbers are astronomically large. But you hear little in the press about them anymore. We wonder why.

What to do immediately? And why?

A few days ago, just in time to prepare us all for the CDC “Tripledemic,” and now for Hamas’ and its allies possible infectious disease spread sneak attack and all-out war, one of the four companies worldwide legitimately capable of accomplishing the needed tasks, Safely2Prosperity, launched a breakthrough v2.0 of its risk-management product.

This multi-disease, multi-location, infectious disease spread risk management program assures preparation to the extent reasonable and practicable at a fair price. Millions of government agencies and businesses (for-profit and not-for-profit) need this strategy and its digital tools.

Two recent articles published in world-renowned newspapers illuminate the urgent need for companies to act. One appeared in The Wall Street Journal. It is titled “World War III Will Be Fought with Viruses.” The other was published in The New York Times. It is titled “Covid Didn’t Take a Summer Vacation.”

Use the URL Safely2Prosperity.com to obtain more information. And, if you like, a brief conversation.

About Safely2Prosperity

Safely2Prosperity (S2P) is an innovative health-tech company conceptualized and built by industry luminary Dr. John Norris. John.Norris@Safely2Prosperity.com. And S2P is led by former Lockheed Martin senior executive Dr. Haden Land. Haden.Land@Safely2Prosperity.com.

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