Yesenia Reinoso

Yesenia Reinoso

Founder & Principal  Owner of 
Y Communicate

The communications industry plays a crucial role in shaping public perception, disseminating information, and building relationships between organizations and their audiences. In today’s digital age, effective communication strategies are essential for businesses to connect with customers, stakeholders, and the media, driving engagement, fostering trust, and achieving organizational goals. Yesenia Reinoso is a dedicated and passionate professional in the communications industry. With a wealth of experience in corporate communications, public relations, and marketing, she brings a unique perspective to her work. Yesenia is known for her assertiveness, resilience, and eagerness to succeed, traits that have led her career forward.


Yesenia Reinoso: From Corporate Communicator to Entrepreneur

As the Founder and Principal Owner of Y Communicate, Yesenia Reinoso reflects on her journey with a comparison to a book, where each chapter unfolds with her experiences. Initially, her career path wasn’t destined for entrepreneurship; rather, she started in corporate America fifteen years ago, specializing in corporate communications within both for-profit and non-profit sectors.

Despite her initial aspirations in international relations fueled by her passion for travel, Yesenia’s journey took a turn during her college years when she had to switch majors due to her struggle with mathematics. Eventually, she found her calling in communications during her first corporate role at the Times Square Alliance, where she fell in love with the field, marking the beginning of her career in corporate communications.

Throughout her career, Yesenia had the opportunity to work with various organizations, including Social Services of Hip Hop, National CineMedia (NCM), and Global Kids, where she honed her skills in different aspects of corporate communications, such as external and internal communications, digital strategies, advocacy, and public affairs. Amidst her corporate roles, Yesenia embarked on two career transitions, dipping her toes into entrepreneurship. In 2018, she started consulting for non-profits while simultaneously conceptualizing the idea of Y Communicate. Despite facing challenges, including a global pandemic, Yesenia persevered and officially launched Y Communicate in June 2021.

Since its inception, Y Communicate has been steadily growing, reflecting Yesenia’s determination and commitment to her vision. Her journey exemplifies the transformative power of seizing opportunities and adapting to unforeseen circumstances, ultimately leading to success in entrepreneurship. Her story is truly an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs, demonstrating that with passion and persistence, anything is possible.


The Bilingual Communicator and Industry Shapeshifter

Yesenia identifies her greatest strength as being a bilingual communicator, teacher, and storyteller. Her ability to communicate effectively in multiple languages allows her to bridge cultural divides and reach a diverse audience. By creating multicultural content and speaking in the audience’s voice, Yesenia fosters connections and understanding among individuals from different backgrounds.

In addition to her linguistic skills, Yesenia’s talent for teaching and storytelling enhances her communication abilities. Understanding the “why” behind communication is essential in crafting compelling narratives. She emotionally engages her audience through storytelling, making complex ideas more relatable and memorable. She uses narratives to convey visions, share organizational journeys, and align others toward common goals, ultimately shaping perceptions and representing her community.

Yesenia sets herself apart in the communications industry as an industry shapeshifter. Her adaptability and willingness to embrace change distinguish her as a forward-thinking leader. Amidst constantly evolving industries, Yesenia demonstrates her ability to anticipate trends, navigate disruptions, and pivot strategies to remain competitive and relevant. She encourages innovation and risk-taking, inspiring others to embrace change and pursue new opportunities.


Influences, Mentors, and Inspirations

Both her mother and father played significant roles in Yesenia’s development, instilling valuable lessons that continue to guide her. She attributes her upbringing and family to shaping her into the person she is today. From her mother, Yesenia learned the importance of self-reliance, uniqueness, and pursuing happiness with love and smiles. She believes in the power of a smile as a tool for navigating life’s challenges. On the other hand, her father’s hardworking nature and emphasis on determination influenced her analytical thinking and approach to her profession.

Through her parents, Yesenia was introduced to the art of storytelling, a skill she holds dear in her communication endeavors. Beyond her immediate family, she acknowledges the impact of numerous career mentors and friends who have supported her journey and helped her realize her potential. These individuals have provided guidance, encouragement, and invaluable insights that have contributed to her growth both personally and professionally.

In addition to her close circle, Yesenia finds inspiration in public figures like Rihanna, admiring her entrepreneurial achievements. Yesenia envisions herself following a similar path, building her own empire in the field of communications. Rihanna’s success is a source of motivation for Yesenia, driving her to pursue her entrepreneurial aspirations with determination and desire.


Yesenia’s Professional Recognitions & Achievements

Throughout her career journey, Yesenia has received several notable professional accolades, highlighting her exceptional contributions and leadership within the media and advertising industries.

In September 2020, Yesenia was honored with the Public Relations Society of America’s (PRSA) New York Chapter’s 15 Under 35 Award. Presented by PRSA-NY, this prestigious award celebrates 15 emerging PR professionals under the age of 35 for their outstanding efforts and influence in the field of public relations. In January 2022, she was recognized with the Marketing Champion Excellence Award by Daily Ad Brief. This esteemed award, part of the outlet’s 2022 Ad Brief Awards, acknowledges individuals who have demonstrated excellence and leadership in the realm of marketing.

Most recently, in March 2024, Yesenia received the Outstanding Leadership Award at the Marketing 2.0 Conference. Presented by Marketing 2.0/The 2.0 Conference, this award honors individuals for their remarkable contributions, leadership, and influence within the advertising sector. These accolades showcase Yesenia’s dedication, expertise, and impact in her professional endeavors.


Yesenia on Traits for Women Leaders

Yesenia believes that two essential traits for women leaders are persistence and resilience. These qualities are interconnected, empowering individuals to overcome challenges and adversities they encounter in their professional journeys. Regardless of the sector, women often face unique obstacles, biases, and roadblocks. Persistence enables them to persevere and continue moving forward, even in the face of obstacles.

Resilience, on the other hand, strengthens one’s mental fortitude, allowing them to navigate criticism and resistance. By embracing constructive feedback and overcoming skepticism, women leaders can fuel their determination to prove their capabilities and perspectives. Yesenia emphasizes the importance of turning negative emotions into motivation, transforming doubts into opportunities for growth and improvement.

Through persistence and resilience, women leaders inspire others to confront challenges and stereotypes with confidence and determination. It creates a ripple effect of empowerment and encouragement, paving the way for future generations of female leaders to enact meaningful change. Yesenia acknowledges her responsibility to prepare the path for upcoming leaders by sharing her experiences or taking action. She credits her career mentor for instilling the importance of persistence and resilience in navigating uncertainties and realizing one’s true power. Yesenia emphasizes that to achieve professional goals, individuals must remain persistent and resilient, regardless of circumstances.


Obstacles: Navigating Doubt and Self-Worth

Throughout Yesenia’s corporate career, she encountered moments where she felt undervalued and underestimated by some leaders who failed to recognize her full potential. However, amidst these challenges, she discovered her unique identity as a storyteller, bringing her distinctive style to corporate communications. She realized her ability to make a genuine impact by helping others bring their stories to life.

Transitioning to entrepreneurship brought its own set of challenges, notably imposter syndrome. Yesenia found herself grappling with self-doubt, questioning her worthiness and ability to achieve her dreams. Overcoming these inner demons has been an ongoing battle for Yesenia, but she is steadfast in affirming her worthiness and power. She reminds herself daily that she is deserving, capable, and powerful, refusing to let anyone dim her light or undermine her worth. Her journey shows that self-belief and resilience are key to overcoming doubt and achieving success. She emphasizes the importance of taking control of one’s own destiny and refusing to be held back by self-imposed limitations. Her story inspires others to embrace their worthiness and seize control of their destinies, affirming that they are the masters of their own journeys.


Advice: Embrace Eagerness for Success

Yesenia offers valuable advice to the next generation of women leaders, emphasizing the importance of eagerness in their pursuits. She believes that showing eagerness is key to not only succeeding but thriving in any endeavor. She encourages women to approach life with an open mind and a willingness to learn, likening their attitude to that of a sponge absorbing knowledge.

For Yesenia, eagerness is a reflection of genuine care and dedication. By investing time and effort into mastering their craft, individuals demonstrate their commitment to excellence. She emphasizes the significance of continually striving to bring out the best version of oneself, as this eagerness to improve and grow sets individuals apart. Furthermore, she urges women not to hesitate in showing their enthusiasm for what they love. Being passionate and eager about their interests not only enhances their fulfillment but also attracts the attention of others. Yesenia’s life motto, “It’s better to be too eager than not eager at all,” is a reminder to embrace eagerness as a driving force for personal and professional success.