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Robert Anthony Olszak

Robert Anthony Olszak

Robert Anthony Olszak, VP of Global Supply Chain Optimization at RGP

“Every setback is an opportunity for a comeback. Rise stronger, fiercer, and bolder than ever before”

“If you want success you never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.” This profound quote by Thomas Jefferson encapsulates the transformative journey of Robert Anthony Olszak, Vice President of Global Supply Chain Optimization at RGP. Olszak’s success is a testament to the power of embracing change and venturing into uncharted territory, inspiring individuals to push beyond their limits.

As the Vice President of Global Supply Chain Optimization, Olszak has redefined the possibilities within his field, consistently seeking innovative solutions to complex challenges. His strategic mindset and unwavering determination have optimized the supply chains of numerous organizations, driving operational efficiency and profitability to new heights. Olszak’s infectious passion for continuous improvement motivates teams under his guidance to step outside their comfort zones and explore uncharted territories in pursuit of remarkable success.

Beyond his expertise, Olszak’s personal journey of growth serves as a remarkable source of inspiration. Starting from humble beginnings, he faced countless obstacles throughout his career. However, his unwavering belief in the power of change and his willingness to embrace the unknown propelled him forward. Through determination, resilience, and an insatiable thirst for knowledge, Olszak transformed himself from an aspiring supply chain professional to a globally recognized leader, leaving an indelible mark of success in the industry.

His Invaluable Expertise

Robert Anthony Olszak is an accomplished supply chain expert with extensive experience in various aspects of the global supply chain. With a career spanning over 30 years, he has developed a deep understanding of end-to-end supply chain management and has successfully completed 220 projects in different regions around the world in the past 10 years.

One of Robert’s areas of expertise is establishing final mile delivery operations in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. He has successfully implemented efficient and cost-effective last-mile delivery solutions, ensuring smooth operations and customer satisfaction. Additionally, Robert has demonstrated his proficiency in logistics management and supply operations management across 12 countries in Europe. His expertise in this area has helped organizations streamline their supply chain operations and improve overall efficiency.

Robert has also showcased his knowledge of import and export operations in Mexico with additional subject matter expertise in global trade compliance. Olszak has been a trusted industry expert sharing his demonstrated cross-industry experience to optimize logistics and distribution networks.

By optimizing transportation networks and ensuring compliance with regulations, he has helped companies enhance their international supply chain capabilities. Furthermore, his expertise extends to distribution site selection in North and South America, where he has advised on the establishment of both greenfield and brownfield distribution centers.

In addition to his practical experience, Robert possesses specialized knowledge in areas such as global reverse logistics operations, global manufacturing support for ERP implementations, advanced integrated business planning (IBP) or S&OP global supply chain operations program design, and global warehouse and distribution network scenario modeling. He also has a strong background in industrial engineering, ensuring that organizations meet optimal business performance requirements while maximizing operation excellence.

Robert’s passion lies within logistics and distribution management and network modeling, as well as inventory optimization. He finds fulfillment in helping clients overcome challenges and improve their supply chain performance. His expertise in logistics and distribution solutions contributes to market competitiveness, total value optimization, and increased profitability for his clients. Robert and his team thrive on tackling complex issues and are particularly enthusiastic about working with industries that provide critical services, such as BioPharma, Life Sciences, and Healthcare. Other industries with specialized knowledge and expertise include oil and gas, environmental, food and beverage, wholesale distribution, and 3PL/4PL outsourcing.

In an ever-evolving supply chain landscape, Robert Anthony Olszak is at the forefront, leveraging cutting-edge technology and industry-leading tools to build resilient and efficient supply chain networks. His vast knowledge, practical experience, and passion for solving complex problems make him a valuable asset in preparing organizations for the next generation of supply chain management.

Adaptive Problem-Solving Strategy

Robert Anthony Olszak approaches complex client problems in the supply chain field with a focus on practicality, sustainability, and customization. His goal is to simplify complex problems into practical solutions that address the unique needs of each client.

Robert’s approach involves a deliberate, intentional, and a logical mindset. He recognizes the importance of assembling a team with the right level of subject matter expertise, business acumen, domain experience, soft skills, and supply chain competencies that align with the client’s requirements. By harnessing intellectual horsepower, Robert believes in developing sustainable solutions that can stand the test of time.

He firmly subscribes to the philosophy that if his team or any consultancy must revisit the same problems within six months of project completion, they have failed the client. To avoid cookie-cutter solutions, Robert acknowledges the nuances inherent in each complex supply chain problem or barrier to performance, which are unique to the client’s infrastructure and supply chain ecosystem. Understanding these specific variables is crucial for identifying the best-fit sustainable solutions.

At RGP, Robert’s role involves fostering a highly collaborative and iterative client partnership. He believes that collaboration is the key to success, and he works closely with clients to tackle their challenges and deliver practical solutions. Robert listens to the clients, strives to understand their situations, asks the right questions, avoids false assumptions, and trusts the objective data. By being strategic-minded, he aims to create the most optimal path forward for solving the client’s greatest problems.

As the VP of Global Supply Chain Optimization, Robert has had the opportunity to work with various Fortune 50, 100, and 500 clients, as well as middle-market companies and pre-revenue start-ups. However, he emphasizes that he is just one part of RGP’s story of client success. RGP’s differentiation lies in its top-tier consultants with more than 25 years of industry experience, the “Blended Solutions” model that unifies project consulting services and solutions across multiple areas, and a talented group of solution leaders who are dedicated to both RGP’s and the client’s success. As part of RGP’s blended solutions, supply chain sits at the intersection of FP&A, Business Transformation, Master Data Management, GRC, Technology and Digital solutions.

In his role, Robert leads global projects around the world, often serving as the chief problem solver. He works with highly skilled consultants who function as an extension of the client, ensuring that they have the necessary support to be successful. Managing client relationships and ensuring complete satisfaction throughout the project lifecycle is also a significant aspect of his responsibilities. Olszak also plays an integral role in serving as advisor to C-Suite organizational leaders.

Additionally, Robert contributes to thought leadership within RGP, for clients, and within the industry. He actively engages in shaping innovative ideas and strategies to drive continuous improvement and deliver cutting-edge solutions in the supply chain field.

His Remarkable Milestones

Robert Anthony Olszak’s leadership roles as Chief Operating Officer, President, and Vice President have been marked by significant achievements and contributions, leaving a lasting and positive impact on the organizations he has worked with.

Robert’s impact is best described by his clients, as they can attest to the value he brings to the table. His work speaks for itself, and the loyalty of those he has mentored, promoted, and influenced throughout his career reflects his exceptional leadership and ability to create opportunities for others to excel.

In his current role, Robert takes pride in working alongside colleagues Ron Rod and Jessica Harris, building an impressive portfolio of supply chain services and solutions. Their combined efforts, with Ron’s leadership and Jessica’s expertise, have made a profound and lasting impact on RGP that will extend beyond their time with the firm. In just three years successfully executing go to market strategies that have established RGP’s Supply Chain Optimization Solutions as a premier service offering.

Robert’s legacy is one of success and positive influence, not only within the organizations he has worked for but also among the individuals who have reported to him in various roles.

Guiding Values that Shaped Paths

Robert Anthony Olszak upholds values such as hard work, integrity, servant leadership, and personal and professional growth in both his personal and professional life. These values have greatly influenced his decision-making and approach to work.

Having been influenced by his grandfather Baldemar Marroquin, Robert understands the importance of integrity and character. He believes that one’s name is a valuable asset and should stand for something of worth. Upholding integrity is paramount to him, as he believes it cannot be taken away but can be willingly given. This value guides his actions and decision-making process.

Servant leadership is another value that Robert holds dear. He believes in putting the needs of others, both internal and external customers, first. Humility plays a crucial role in servant leadership for him. He sees humility as a force multiplier, allowing him to better serve others. Robert is accessible to those who seek his assistance and willingly gives his time to help, regardless of the time of day.

To foster personal and professional growth, Robert is an avid reader with a personal library of more than 500 books. He invests in his professional development by reading trade articles, industry publications, and analyst reports. He also engages with tenured consultants and clients who possess expertise in areas he may not. Currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Global Supply Chain and Logistics, Robert seeks to combine practical experience with academic knowledge, making himself more valuable to RGP, clients, his team, and the industry as a whole.

This cumulative experience and commitment to growth have empowered Robert to make strategic decisions that have contributed to the success of RGP’s Global Supply Chain Optimization Solutions. Contributing to more than $62M in realized cost savings on various supply chain project for RGP’s clients.

To stay updated on the latest trends and advancements in the supply chain industry, Robert maintains an active reading habit. He reads a minimum of four to five supply chain-related articles per day, including LinkedIn articles, industry publications, whitepapers, and market trends. Additionally, he engages in discussions with global organizational leaders, supply chain professionals, and industry experts to gain insights into emerging trends and challenges.