Jessica Rosa

Jessica Rosa

You try, you may fail but the real failure is when you stop trying. Today through this column we bring you the story of a powerful women who didn’t stop trying and that’s what became the success mantra of her life. Unveiling the life of Jessica Rosa who is inspiration of many.

The outset story of her career all started at the beginning of the pandemic. She was working in the hospitality industry as a Front Office Manager and Sales Coordinator, she had been working in the industry for almost seven years at the time.

Unfortunately, like many others, she was laid off from her position because of the COVID-19 Pandemic. In the blink of an eye, the world changed drastically, and she knew she would have to make some changes to adapt.

After taking some time to consider her future and what she truly wanted in it, she knew she wanted freedom, to support others, to use her full potential to do something she was passionate about, and to never be limited. This led her to recall a conversation she had with one of her older sisters before the pandemic. She had informed her about her entrepreneurial journey as a Virtual Assistant. At the time, she thought she could never run her own business. After recalling this conversation, she did some research, took a Virtual Assistant course, and launched JM Virtual Solutions, LLC by the end of December 2020.

When she first launched her business, she was doing general virtual assistant work. She had no idea what services she wanted to offer or whom she wanted to work with. So, she was doing a bit of everything and working with any client who was willing to work with a new VA. It took her about four months of being in business before she niched down into social media marketing as that is really where her passion is. She was also receiving a lot of inquiries for social media management from clients. Additionally, she was and currently am, working on her Master of Science degree in marketing with a concentration in social media. All of this to say, social media was her calling.

Today, she is happy to say that as a social media strategist with a passion for supporting fempreneurs, she has had the pleasure of working with over fourteen women in the online space, helping them implement social media strategies that align with their business goals to help them achieve them.

She feels blessed to be able to wake up every day to do work she is truly passionate about that also provides her with the freedom she was looking for and best of all, there are no limitations as to where her business can go.

Its all about Passion, Creativity, and Innovation

Several aims and ideals guide her as an individual and a social media professional. The first is creativity. Working in the marketing space and creating a lot of content as a social media strategist, creativity is a value high on her list. She has always been a creative person and have always admired the arts. The work she does at JM Virtual Solutions has given her that creative outlet in my professional life that she can share with her clients.

Passion is next on her list. When you have passion for what you do, you never work a day in your life. She has come to learn the truth behind this statement as she wakes up every morning with so much passion for the work she does, that it sometimes feels like she is not working. She believes that when we are passionate about something, we put more of ourselves into it and produce better results. It is important to her to not only have passion for her business but for the businesses of the clients she works with as well.

Nothing stays the same for long in the world of social media. Therefore, JM Virtual Solutions aims to be innovative. Steve Jobs once said, “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” As the leader of JM Virtual Solutions, she aims to be innovative in developing social media strategies and campaigns that work toward helping her clients achieve their goals.

Being Human- Have an Emotional Connect

Her greatest strength in the social media world is simply this, being human. She thinks when we enter the digital space, especially as a business, we forget that the individuals on the other side of the conversation are human. At the end of the day, people do not like to be bombarded with sales, they want to be talked to like a human. As humans what drives us to make a purchase is our emotions. Think about when you go to the store and you try on the perfect dress. It makes you feel confident, sexy, and beautiful. Those emotions that you feel are what drive you to make the purchase.

One of the things she helps her clients with is focusing on making that emotional connection with their audience. The key to social media marketing is knowing who your audience is and how to connect with them on an emotional level.

Social media is very much like a cocktail party. You mingle, introduce yourself, strike up a conversation, and start connecting with people, right? Many conversations are happening at once in the online space. People are introducing themselves, asking questions, a common interest is discovered, and a connection is made.

If you want to be successful with your social media marketing efforts and build a strong community of fans, build trust, and gain loyalty, you need to do it online the same way you would do it offline. Having a strong comprehension of this has helped her to develop her approach, providing a valuable strength to social media marketing.

All about JM Virtual Solutions

She is the founder, strategist, and creative behind JM Virtual Solutions.

As a solopreneur, her primary goals are just about everything to ensure the success of her business as well as the success of her clients. As the strategist behind JM Virtual Solutions, she is responsible for developing the social media strategy that aligns with her client’s business goals, implementing the strategy, and measuring the results. As the creator, she designs all of the content, ensuring it is on brand and works towards achieving the mission her clients have set.

The major accomplishment throughout her journey will always be taking that first step to start her business as she wouldn’t be where she is today if she hadn’t taken it. 2022 has been a year of major accomplishments for her business. She is most proud of her focus on cultivating business opportunities and growth and restructuring her business to align with her goals and to better serve her clients. A lot can be accomplished when you improve your focus, and she is very excited to see where her journey continues to go considering this.

Following are the services provided by JM Virtual Solutions –

  • Social Media Management – Schedule content, implement strategies, hashtag research, and engage with the ideal audience by monitoring and participating in social conversations to expand and grow accounts.
  • Content Creation – Create beautiful content for your social media accounts and/or website that represents your brand and aligns with your vision and goals. (graphics & video)
  • Content Repurposing – Transform a piece of content into a multitude of new content to drive new traffic.
  • Copywriting – Copywriting for blogs, newsletters, and social media captions in the voice of your brand that will resonate with your audience.
  • Workbook Creation – Done for you workbooks, journals, and worksheets for courses, webinars, and more.
  • Content Planning Strategy Session- Book a one hour content strategy session to create a customized content plan for your business.

Making the Most of ‘Setbacks’

“Instead of worrying about what you cannot control, shift your energy to what you can create.” This powerful quote fits well with Rosa’s life. The biggest challenge she faced induced by the COVID-19 pandemic was, like so many others, becoming unemployed. This led to anxiety and uncertainty about what the future would entail. Her response to this endeavour was to launch her business.

By taking this measure, she was able to obtain and achieve the life she had only dreamed of. That’s not to say it was easy, success is not given, it is earned. She worked a lot of hours, was told no a lot after having discovery calls with potential clients and had to really put in a strong effort every day to build up her business into what it is today.

She is fortunate to say that she came out of the pandemic with great opportunity. She took a bad situation and turned it into something positive that has benefited her life drastically and for that, she is truly grateful.

Jessica’s mother is her biggest inspiration

The person in Jessica’s life who inspires her the most is her mother. She was raised by a single mother where at times, they would experience struggles. However, despite these struggles, her mother always provided for her four daughters and ensured they always had everything they needed.

She has always inspired her to work harder to achieve the things she wants in life and to never give up on her dreams. This mentality has led me to be motivated in reaching the success she desires. When she has a goal, she will do everything in her power to make sure she reaches it.

The experiences she has been through and how hard she has seen her mother work to provide for her family are what she believes to be the root of what has given her the drive and motivation to always aim high and achieve her goals.

Life-Changing Pearls of Wisdom 

Her advice to the next generation of aspiring and budding Businesspeople is to dare to be different, dare to be bold, and never be afraid to stand up and stand out.

Follow your heart, and your passion, and know that no dream or goal is unattainable. The only way to reach success is to keep moving forward. There will always be obstacles on your path, but by pushing forward you will always be one step closer to obtaining your success. Remember, there is no failure, only the opportunity to learn and grow.