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Dr. Priscilla “Dr. P” Kucer, Founder and CEO of Priscilla Kucer Consulting Solutions LLC®


“No good thing ever truly dies because hope nurtures its essence, ensuring that its impact continues to resonate throughout eternity.”

In today’s highly competitive business landscape, small and micro businesses face numerous challenges in reaching their full potential. With a staggering 32.5 million small businesses operating in the United States alone, these enterprises form the backbone of the economy, accounting for an impressive 64% of new jobs annually. However, the harsh reality is that approximately 50% of small businesses fail within the first five years. This is where Dr. Priscilla Kucer, widely regarded as an industry-leading expert, emerges as the ultimate solution to empower micro business owners and guide them toward sustainable success.

Dr. Priscilla Kucer, known affectionately as Dr. P, is an esteemed business coach and the visionary Founder and CEO of Priscilla Kucer Consulting Solutions LLC®, a globally recognized management consulting company headquartered in Austin. With a wealth of experience and accolades under her belt, Dr. P specializes in assisting micro business owners in scaling their ventures by equipping them with effective strategies to improve their goals, processes, and operations. By helping these entrepreneurs break free from stagnant patterns and overcome obstacles, Dr. P’s expertise enables them to SoAR!™️ to five years and beyond, defying the alarming statistics that often plague small businesses.

By partnering with Dr. P, micro business owners gain access to unparalleled knowledge and insights derived from her award-winning approach. Her consulting solutions empower entrepreneurs to overcome common pitfalls and navigate the intricate challenges of sustaining and growing a business. Driven by a passion to see small businesses thrive, Dr. P’s guidance propels these ventures toward their full potential, ensuring they stand out in a highly competitive marketplace. For micro business owners seeking the most effective pathway to success, Dr. P’s  expertise and proven track record make her the invaluable partner needed to unlock unlimited possibilities for growth and achievement.

Dr. Priscilla’s Inception Story

Dr. Priscilla Kucer embarked on her remarkable career journey with a clear vision at a young age. At just 13 years old, she shared her dream of becoming a psychologist and owning her own private practice with her parents. Little did she know that her aspirations would later lead her down a path of entrepreneurship and business ownership.

Driven by her passion for psychology, Dr. P pursued a Bachelor of Science in Psychology at the University of the West Indies (UWI) in Barbados. During her studies, she also delved into human resources, believing that this combination would pave the way for her future private practice. After graduating from UWI, she continued her educational pursuit at Nova Southeastern University (NSU) in Florida, aiming to specialize in clinical psychology.

However, her path took an unexpected turn as she realized that clinical psychology was not aligned with her true calling. With guidance from her mentors at NSU, Dr. P transitioned to school psychology, completing both a Master of Science in Psychology and a Specialist in School Psychology degree. It was during her time at NSU that she recognized the value of diverse experiences beyond her field, leading her to actively engage in student organizations and gain invaluable skills in leadership, budgeting, marketing, and strategic planning.

As Dr. P progressed in her career as a school psychologist, working in various locations including Florida, the Cayman Islands, and Washington, her desire to have her own private practice evolved into a yearning for business ownership. Interacting with individuals who aspired to start their own businesses and witnessing the dreams of talented adolescents, she realized that entrepreneurship was her true calling.

Completing her doctorate in General Psychology with an Emphasis in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Grand Canyon University provided Dr. P with a deeper understanding of her entrepreneurial aspirations. It became evident that her business would go beyond a traditional private practice, incorporating elements of industrial and organizational psychology to serve a wider audience.

Throughout her entrepreneurial journey, Dr. P experienced directional shifts as she gained new knowledge and experiences, shaping her decision to establish Priscilla Kucer Consulting Solutions LLC®. With a strong belief in learning from others and surpassing their achievements, she harnessed her expertise and developed a clear vision and mission for her business.

Today, Dr. Priscilla Kucer stands as a beacon of inspiration, guiding micro-business owners toward their full potential. Her unique blend of psychological expertise and entrepreneurial acumen has made her an award-winning business coach and the driving force behind her globally recognized consulting company. With unwavering determination and a commitment to excellence, Dr. P continues to empower micro businesses, helping them soar to new heights of success.

Tackling the Toughest Challenges

Dr. Priscilla Kucer has encountered numerous obstacles throughout her career, and while some of them may not be exclusively tied to her gender, they have undoubtedly shaped her journey. One of the initial challenges she faced was the task of defining her business’s focus and identifying the strategies to achieve her goals. This obstacle seemed isolating at first until Dr. Priscilla delved into her competitive advantage research, which provided her with much-needed clarity. Gaining insights into the challenges faced by many start-ups proved to be invaluable and helped her navigate her own path with renewed confidence.

Another significant obstacle Dr. P encountered was grasping the concept and application of branding within her business. Initially, the term felt ambiguous, and she sought guidance by networking with marketing professionals and conducting extensive research. Through these efforts, she gained a deeper understanding of branding, enabling her to develop a compelling vision statement and values that resonated with her brand identity. This newfound clarity not only made sense to Dr. P but also resonated with potential clients, vendors, and partners she interacted with.

The search for appropriate technology to support her business’s desired processes and operations posed yet another challenge. Dr. P had a clear strategic plan in mind but lacked knowledge of the available technology options. Determined to find the right solutions, she diligently researched and interviewed various vendors, seeking to align the technology with her goals and purpose. Through this process, she discovered how to apply scaling strategies to select the most suitable technology, enabling her business to function efficiently and effectively.

Funding also emerged as a perceived obstacle, though Dr. Priscilla’s perspective shifted over time. Recognizing that investors were not readily drawn to consulting companies, she realized that she did not require as much funding as initially believed. Applying strategic planning and scaling strategies to the funding dilemma, she charted a course that allowed her to navigate the challenge successfully. Additionally, networking with investors provided valuable insights into the requirements for securing investment in a consulting company, offering a game-changing perspective.

Her Indomitable Spirit

Dr. Priscilla Kucer’s greatest strength lies in her unique blend of qualities and expertise. While she has been recognized for her determination, resilience, strategic thinking, tenacity, creativity, and problem-solving abilities, her true strength lies in being herself. She acknowledges that striving to be like others is not as meaningful as embracing her individuality and leveraging her own capabilities.

What sets Dr. Priscilla apart from others in the coaching, consulting, and training fields is her distinctive approach. Rather than simply emulating others, she has combined her research in these fields with her experiences in organizational development, personal skills, leadership, and education. This fusion has led her to develop a comprehensive system known as OPLE™ (pronounced oh-PUL). OPLE™ represents four essential elements that every business owner should incorporate into their ventures: Organizational Development, Personal Skills and Abilities, Leadership, and Education.

By integrating these components, Dr. P empowers micro-business owners to scale their businesses and enhance their goals, processes, and operations. Her ability to provide holistic guidance that encompasses both personal and organizational aspects sets her apart, enabling her clients to achieve sustainable success.

In a field where conformity may be tempting, Dr. Priscilla Kucer stands out by embracing her individuality and leveraging her diverse expertise. Her distinctive approach, combined with her passion for helping micro business owners succeed, solidifies her position as a trailblazer in the coaching, consulting, and training arenas.

Notable Accolades and Accreditations

Dr. Priscilla Kucer and Priscilla Kucer Consulting Solutions LLC® have garnered a series of notable recognitions and accreditations, solidifying their position as industry leaders and champions of entrepreneurship.

Dr. Priscilla secured the title of Alignable Main Street Mentor for Slaughter Creek in 2021 and successfully retained the honor for both 2022 and 2023. Alignable, an online small business network boasting over 7 million members across the USA and Canada, recognized her expertise and valued contributions.

Internationally, Dr. Priscilla’s impact resonates across borders. She has been recognized as one of the 40 Women Leaders to Look Out For in 2023 and also as one of the 10 Must-Watch Innovative Coaching Providers for 2023. This acknowledgment showcases her ability to deliver cutting-edge coaching methodologies and drive transformative results for her clients.

Beyond personal accolades, Priscilla Kucer Consulting Solutions LLC® has earned significant accreditations. The company is a certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE), a testament to its commitment to empowering women entrepreneurs and promoting diversity in business.

Unified Brainz Group, a prominent brand-building and strategic consulting firm based in India, identified Priscilla Kucer Consulting Solutions LLC® as the Promising Start-up in Consultancy Services for 2023. This recognition affirms their exceptional capabilities and potential to make a lasting impact in the consultancy industry.

A Mother’s Eternal Gift

The person who inspires Dr. Priscilla Kucer the most is her mother. While growing up, Dr. Priscilla was unaware of the challenges her mother faced as a young woman in Barbados during the 1960s and 1970s. It wasn’t until later in life that she discovered how her mother defied societal expectations and her own father’s perceptions about girls and education. Despite these obstacles, her mother pursued secondary education and secured an entry-level position at one of the largest banking institutions in Barbados. Through continuous learning and professional development, she achieved her goal of becoming an Investment Banker and held that position for many years before retiring. Her mother’s resilience, determination, and success in the face of adversity serve as a constant source of inspiration for Dr. Priscilla as she navigates her own entrepreneurial journey.

Aims and Ideals that Drive Her

Dr. Priscilla Kucer, a strategic business coach and management consultant, is driven by a set of aims and ideals that guide her both personally and professionally. Her ultimate goal is to establish her global management consulting company as a leading resource for entrepreneurs seeking to start, build, and grow their businesses on a limited budget. By 2027, she aims to assist 300 micro business owners in improving their strategic plans and increasing their revenues without facing financial hardship.

One of Dr. Priscilla’s core ideals is to increase the number of micro and small businesses that successfully reach the five-year mark. Recognizing the alarming statistics that show a high failure rate among start-ups, with only 50% making it to five years and even fewer reaching the ten-year milestone, she believes that too many innovative entrepreneurs are hindered from making a significant impact due to premature business closures. Through her research, she has identified planning as a hidden factor contributing to many business failures. Dr. P aims to help micro business owners and their teams identify the specific types of planning necessary to provide a solid foundation for their businesses, enabling them to thrive and achieve long-term success.

Driven by her commitment to empowering entrepreneurs and addressing the critical factors that hinder their growth, Dr. Priscilla Kucer endeavors to reshape the landscape of business longevity. With her expertise and guidance, micro business owners can overcome challenges, implement effective planning strategies, and transform their ventures into sustainable and thriving enterprises.

Empowering Words for Women

Dr. Priscilla Kucer has valuable advice for the next generation of women heroes. She encourages them to pursue their dreams and goals, regardless of the negativity they may encounter. She emphasizes the importance of challenging existing industry structures and aligning with mentors who can help develop both their soft and hard skills. Dr. Priscilla urges women to recognize and leverage their strengths, fostering innovation and an unstoppable mindset.

In a male-dominated society, Dr. Priscilla believes that every woman must possess confidence. She stresses the significance of self-belief and not relying on external validation for one’s worth or skill sets. Drawing from her own experiences, she emphasizes the journey of understanding one’s strengths and weaknesses. By gaining a better understanding of oneself, women can enter any interaction with confidence, sharing their opinions and making a positive impact. This self-assuredness, according to Dr. Priscilla, is vital for personal growth, professional success, and the continued thriving and growth of one’s endeavors.

With her empowering advice, Dr. Priscilla Kucer inspires the next generation of women heroes to embrace their aspirations, challenge societal norms, and cultivate the confidence needed to make a lasting impact in their chosen fields.

For more info: https://drpksolutions.com/about-dr-p