Davielle Jackson

Davielle Jackson

Black women have plenty of hurdles that would make a man of any other race or creed quit their job and run off screaming! Davielle Jackson is a female entrepreneur who believes in the power of her own vision of what is best for others. As the CEO of Femi Secrets, Davielle is motivated to ensure that every woman has access to healthy hygiene products. As she continues to battle for making a difference on a daily basis, this charismatic leader takes pride in taking on a large amount of responsibility that comes with being a girl boss.

Femi Secrets, the only award-winning feminine care brand, offers women of all ages the best protection throughout their monthly menstruation cycle. It inspires women to take charge of their bodies, their health, and their lives.

With strong work ethics, Davielle Jackson strives to nurture all the amazing women out there in all the best ways with her venture!

The Story of a Self-Made Black Woman  

Davielle Jackson believes in living for a sense of purpose, a quest for knowledge, and the opportunity to leave a lasting impression on the world. As a free-spirited person, she has always been courageous enough to speak for herself.  Both her mother and father were accomplished businesspeople. She never saw them work for anyone, but she did witness them working really hard.

Talking about her love for biology, Davielle says, My goal was first biology. So, the clear first path was medicine. Medical school, started off in nursing but I clearly felt I needed to be more of an influence in the world by mass, a greater difference. So, then I applied to medical school, and Dr. Jackson sounded good. But then I felt my life slipping away. I was so young so talented, yet I was spending most of my life studying.”

When she turned 22, Jackson did the calculations in no time. By the time she’ll be 35, her school loan debt will be roughly $300,000, and her life will have only just begun, she’ll have to work out everything. Little did she know that destiny had planned everything to nourish her business zeal. One of her friends approached her one day and asked for her help. This was the time when Medicine, health, and assisting women, three of her favorite things in the world, collided. Davielle created the Pretty Panty, the world’s first patented chemical-free disposable product. After working relentlessly for six months, she was partnered with Walmart. She finally realized what she wanted to pursue for the rest of her life after this delightfully new experience. With the launch of Femi Secrets, this businesswoman has created a secure environment that offers the healthiest and most secure times. Women who use Femi’s products report that their periods are healthier and lighter, with fewer cramps!

Femi Secrets – Breaking the Taboo

Femi Secrets is a safe, long-lasting, and innovative source of period protection. This wonderful brand has a passion for investing in women’s health solutions. With chemical-free and FDA-approved products, Femi stands for young, healthy, and beautiful women. Before Femi, women were afraid to talk about periods.

The company has been the first to come up with non-chemical and disposable panty to infiltrate the feminine care market in over 20 years. Made to fit ladies of all sizes and ages, The Pretty Panty is purely natural and sustainable! Davielle adds, A tampon was literally invented by a man, to stop a leak! Never did they think how harmful this product would be on the Feminine eco-system. My products are dedicated to healthy women. I was basically the creator of the ‘Fem Tech space”. Before anyone started like, “thinx, lola, Knix, etc.”

  • Award Winning Patented “Pretty Panty”: Women not only love the idea of having a product that is chemical free, biodegradable, eco-friendly and disposable. But most important leak free. Also, send directly to your door via monthly subscription. The embodiment of a carefree period.
  • Amazon for women with periods: Taking away the stress of having to rush to the store to acquire period essentials, this subscription box delivers everything you need for a healthy, happy month. Designed with all the necessities to give you a whole month of feeling the best, Femi provides subscription period products that are shipped right to your door.
  • Premium subscription box: This wholesome subscription box includes The Pretty Panty, pads, liners, wipes, and some relaxations tools like CBD bath bombs and fibroid tea. Filled with hygiene products, Femi Secrets helps in providing a better way to care for your body and turn your life into a beautiful & healthy one!
  • Wegmans and Giant retail: Statistics will demonstrate how Femi Secrets has transformed the feminine care industry in years to come! The company is thrilled to be accessible at Wegmans and Giant retail and grocer locations, and by 2023, it expects to be offered at all major retailers.

Integrating Technology with Ease

We see the negative effects of being too open on social media quite often! Fear is what stops a lot of people from making the move to social space. One major blunder Davielle Jackson made was hiding her company from social media for a period of time. She was present when it began, but due to concerns about her privacy and intellectual property, she decided it wasn’t for her. As it is now extremely critical to any brand’s success, Jackson feels that she would have arrived sooner and worked harder!

Femi Secrets work with the technology of its products on a daily basis in order to achieve a competitive advantage. “We will be releasing a Femi app that will help women in so many different ways this summer.  We have an entire team dedicated to technical advances,” mentions Davielle.

Ultimate Accolades

You name it, she has done it! Davielle aspires to have a life full of adventures and possibilities. Throughout her chosen career, this remarkable personality has received numerous accolades and recognitions, making her stand out among the crowd.

At the age of 25, she was featured on the front page of the Atlanta Business Journal. She is also a two-time winner of 43 North, the world’s largest business competition. With 100% control of her company, Jackson is the youngest woman to work with Walmart and Target. She has won multiple honors, including entrepreneur of the year, and has been featured in publications like Forbes. Besides, she has written two business books, one of which is titled “Ready, Set, Go!”

Davielle Jackson, as a young and dynamic businesswoman, motivates millions of women to live a healthy and happy life every day!

Girl Boss of the Feminine Care Industry

She is a woman; she is a young woman and a black woman. You can’t build a company that provides billions of products to women, women are counting on you monthly, without a team and a superb supply chain. Stress is a whole heavy topic for Jackson as tackling a whole host of responsibilities is certainly not easy! The innovator & president of Femi Secrets expresses, “Right now I am dealing with the extreme stressors of the effects of the pandemic on a CPG company. Supply chain issues, employee performance, etc. This is unbearable at this point. So much that sometimes, I actually feel like quitting. The only thing I can do to relieve stress is work out.”

Apart from stimulating her mind through regular workout sessions, Davielle Jackson also keeps a close eye on her spiritual center. She has faith that God will provide a way for her to see everything through. For so long I sacrificed being a wife and a mother because my company was my everything. Now, I am a mother and working on the family part, which adds more stress,” she further adds. This widely acclaimed entrepreneur stresses getting the necessary rest and organizing a schedule as this helps her maintain sanity!

Facing Challenges with Hope & Faith

When starting your business, one of the most important things to do is hire the right employees who are motivated, innovative, and hardworking! Davielle is a great believer in the need for team meetings and the importance of consistent positive reinforcement. She says, Pre Covid, in employee hiring screening, my goal was to find team members who understood the mission of the company, who believed in the product and how it could help women and who understood how groundbreaking the success of the band and culture of Femi Secrets was.”

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Femi was terrified that so many ladies were dependent on their feminine hygiene supplies. Keeping remote employees motivated proved to be a difficult task as well. However, with a leader who was committed to ensuring that every woman had access to quality products, the company devised strategies to assist as many people as possible, while having a limited staff.

We can’t deny that black women are the fastest-growing business owners in the world! Owning a business is no problem. Running a business is no problem. Funding a business is no problem. But funding black women’s businesses is a problem. To stay afloat as a business owner, Davielle Jackson had to work exceedingly hard and make numerous sacrifices. The Founder of Femi Secrets expresses, “Without funding, what can you do? Nothing. I have been able to raise funds for my company however, less than 1% of funds go to black women run businesses.”

Pitching a period and women’s health business to a table of all white men is indeed challenging, especially for a black woman. Jackson has made it her mission to provide women with the healthiest option and greatest protection throughout their periods. To do so, she made it a point to remain solid at all times, no matter how many obstacles stood in her way!  

Inspiration in a Box

Davielle Jackson exemplifies how tenacity and a never-say-die attitude help you achieve your goals. She calls Sara Blakely her inspiration. “Sara started her company a few years before mine. She is maybe 10-15 years older, but she just sold her company for a billion-plus! She invented spank, cut a hole in a stocking, and change a woman’s life. I invented the Pretty Panty, made a pad and a panty one and change a woman’s life. She dedicated her life to helping women,” asserts the CEO of Femi Secrets.

People didn’t take Jackson seriously, regardless of how robust her business was. Despite having patents, trademarks, and multimillion-dollar contracts with Walmart, this black woman has faced discrimination on countless occasions. But her persistent belief that she had a mission and that God would provide for her necessities kept her going!

Pearls of Wisdom

Davielle Jackson, an established businesswoman with an impressive track record of accomplishment, uses her line of work to spread a message of hope, kindness, and love. When asked Davielle about her piece of advice to young female professionals, she shared, Follow your passion. When I was young, I always protected women. If they were getting bullied, I stood in and fought their fights. I was also superior in biology and sales. Together, all these things led to who I am today.”

After many ladies begged her to tell them how she was so successful at such a young age, Davielle addressed the power of self-belief in chapter 8 of her book “Ready, Set, Go!” She defined success as the accomplishment of a goal. According to Jackson, success is not a thing that is measured monetarily, or by others. But success is setting a goal, and seeing it through, with dedication and the sacrifices and doing everything you possibly can to see it through.

With unwavering determination and enthusiasm, this woman pursued her goals, believed in herself, lived her dream, and achieved all great things. She added, “I never followed the path of others, I looked into what I knew, what I did well, and what I would do for free. I would help women for free any day. And it has led me to leading and growing what will be the greatest feminine brand of all time, Femi Secrets!”

Femi Secrets, the brand that creates happier and healthier women every month, now has over 20,000 subscribers and counting. Davielle is adamant in her belief that she has been chosen to assist women and provide them with a voice that they have lacked for so long! She has be coined as the Vagina Saver by customers for saving their vagina but creating the healthiest product for their periods. She also is the first women to release and NFT collection for women empowerment.

Quote: “Every woman deserves to be happy during those painful days of the month! Femi Secrets can be your go-to brand for providing you with high-quality hygienic products while promising you much-needed comfort and relief!”