Christian Jennings

Christian Jennings

CEO & Founder, Unbound Consulting

In a world filled with entrepreneurial zeal, balancing ideas and art of execution is extremely crucial. Christian (CJ) Jennings, the CEO & Founder of Unbound Consulting is one such professional. From integrated marketing innovations that transformed revenue streams to the founding of Unbound Consulting, a strategic partner dedicated to fortifying the foundations of emerging enterprises, Christian’s journey is characterized by a dedication to bring a tangible change. Her journey, reflected by a series of groundbreaking milestones, speaks volumes about her relentless pursuit of tangible impact and her steadfast dedication to fostering a culture of resilience and innovation within the entrepreneurial sphere. Guided by a steadfast belief in the power of strategic planning and execution and fueled by an insatiable thirst for knowledge, she continues to pave the way for transformative success.

From Visionary to Foundation Fixer

Christian’s professional journey is marked by a trail of innovative endeavors, each chapter building on the successes of the last. Starting with a bold pitch in 2012 that initially brought doubts, she carved out new revenue streams and service models that revolutionized the realm of social marketing. Her persistence and keen foresight led to the birth of a groundbreaking methodology for influencer marketing, which eventually culminated in the successful launch of a separate entity in 2015. Despite her accomplishments, Christian’s insatiable thirst for knowledge urged her to explore diverse paths, leading her to a fortuitous encounter with a Brand Agency in 2017. Recognized not only for her digital marketing prowess but also her unparalleled ability to integrate multifaceted roles, Christian was entrusted with the important role of driving the agency’s processes, people, and culture. Embracing Traction, the Entrepreneur’s Operating System with dedication, she nurtured the CEO’s vision as her own, leaving an indelible mark on the organization.

Subsequent to her transformative tenure, Christian found herself at a pivotal crossroads, where the convergence of her professional network’s support and her own innate drive led her to discover a passion for fostering the growth of budding entrepreneurs and cultivating the realization of their ambitious aspirations. Captivated by the prospect of breathing life into latent visions and fostering their manifestation, she embarked on a bold new chapter, marked by the founding of Unbound Consulting—a visionary endeavor aimed at providing guidance for the cultivation of resilient frameworks for emerging enterprises, all while championing the spirit of untethered innovation and perseverance.

Grounded in a firm belief that “vision without execution is just hallucination,” Unbound’s mission echoes Christian’s relentless commitment to effecting tangible change. By seamlessly amalgamating business strategy with meticulous execution, Christian and her team are focused on identifying critical barriers and devising tailored solutions that pave the way for sustained growth and success. With a dedication that goes beyond the conventional playbook approach, Unbound represents a symbol of support for entrepreneurs in their search for enduring prosperity. 

Commitment to Curiosity and Impact

Embracing the philosophy of prioritizing personal fulfillment, Christian has not only nurtured her own growth but also radiated an unparalleled energy that enriches the lives of those around her. Her deep-seated belief in the power of curiosity, inspired in part by the teachings of the renowned Neil DeGrasse Tyson, has become an essential compass guiding her personal and professional endeavors. Her dedication to living a life that aligns with her passions is a testament to the impact of Howard Thurman’s timeless words.

Amidst her professional aspirations, Christian’s overarching mission stands tall as she ambitiously sets out to empower 500 entrepreneurs within the span of 5 years. Motivated by the understanding of the struggles faced by startups, she remains resolute in her determination to diminish the staggering failure rates that plague the entrepreneurial landscape. With Unbound Consulting serving as a foundational pillar, she envisions a collaborative effort, uniting diverse executive-level consultants under the Impact Collaborative, to extend support to both emerging growing ventures and their leaders.

From designing accessible workshops to forging strategic partnerships, her tireless efforts are geared towards fostering an environment where every visionary can thrive, irrespective of financial constraints. Above all, her dedication to her clients and their organizations is encapsulated in the resounding sentiment that defines her work ethic: a genuine care and determination to address critical challenges head-on, laying the groundwork for sustainable success and growth. Her commitment transcends mere business initiatives, as she diligently seeks avenues to broaden accessibility to more essential resources for entrepreneurs. 

Embracing Inspiration: A Mother’s Dedication to Fueling Passion

Amidst the multitude of professional connections that have left an indelible mark on her journey, Christian finds her deepest well of inspiration in the pure presence of her children. Their unassuming influence serves as a constant reminder of the impact of pursuing a path that ignites genuine excitement and fervor. Embracing the belief that her children need not tread the same path, Christian is steadfast in her desire for them to recognize their own unique potential and to embrace the challenges that pave the way to their aspirations. Above all, her commitment lies in fostering an environment where her children can discover what truly brings them alive, serving as a guiding light that propels her own pursuit of excellence.

Overcoming Boundaries: Navigating the Path to Unveil True Values

Recalling a critical juncture where the risk of losing a prized job loomed large, Christian’s determination to reconcile her divergent strengths and responsibilities spurred her to develop bespoke processes that allowed her to effectively balance the demands of execution with her innate propensity for visionary thinking.

Christian’s journey is marked by the arduous struggle of reconciling her innate strategic skills with the prescribed expectations often thrust upon early-career professionals. Faced with the challenge of conforming to predefined job roles, Christian found herself grappling with the dichotomy between her natural inclination for big-picture thinking and the prevailing emphasis on executing daily tasks. This conflict, she admits, posed one of the most formidable hurdles she encountered in her career trajectory, threatening to overshadow her potential and jeopardize the opportunities that lay ahead.

Through her relentless perseverance to striking a harmonious equilibrium, she not only proved herself within the confines of conventional expectations but also garnered the trust and confidence required to fully unleash her distinctive capabilities, ultimately carving out a path that aligns seamlessly with her unique strengths. Christian’s commitment to bridging the gap between her inherent capabilities and the demands of her professional environment not only enabled her to thrive within the established frameworks but also empowered her to redefine the trajectory of her career, blazing a trail that showcased the transformative power of harnessing one’s individual strengths in the pursuit of professional excellence.

Christian’s Advice for Women in the Professional Sphere

Recognizing the pervasive societal pressures that often compel women to assume multifaceted roles, Christian advocates for a conscious shift away from the relentless pursuit of unrealistic expectations. Her words echo a powerful sentiment, urging women to relinquish the burden of conforming to external standards and instead embrace their innate identities unapologetically, with a steadfast commitment to prioritizing their genuine selves. Her timeless advice for the next generation of women professionals resonates with a call to embrace authenticity above all else.

Christian emphasizes the paramount significance of confidently expressing one’s needs without hesitation. It’s all about the inherent power of transparent communication in cultivating an environment of empathy and regard within the intricate webs of organizational structures. Her insightful observation symbolizes the nurturing of a sense of appreciation and backing for individuals leads to a symbiotic relationship that bears fruit not only in professional achievement but also in a sense of individual satisfaction, ultimately fostering a delicate balance between the demands of the workplace and the tranquility of one’s personal life.

Reflecting on her own journey, Christian emphasizes the significant role of confidence in seizing opportunities, acknowledging its indispensable role in propelling her forward. However, she avows that the true essence of satisfaction and success lies in the alignment of personal values with the ethos of the organizations and clients she serves. Encouraging women to remain steadfast in their commitment to their core values, she underscores the transformative power of recognizing and honoring these intrinsic guiding principles, even if it means relinquishing certain opportunities that fail to align with their authentic selves.