Atin Agarwal

Atin Agarwal

Atin Agarwal: From Trainee Software Engineer to IT Leader & Entrepreneur


“I have been loved by my teams and colleagues in any organization or workplace where I have worked, whether it’s my own direct team or partner teams,” Atin Agarwal. 

There’s no greater way to honor our beliefs than to rejoice when we see them put into action. Atin Agarwal’s career story is one of practical learning and recognition. Beginning as a Trainee Software Engineer at Birla Soft Ltd., Atin soon realized that he wanted to work with machines, tools, and instruments. This led him to MSME – SEDL, where he was awarded the “IT Power User Award” in 2004. Interestingly, this was also the day when Atin’s son was born, making it a precious memory for him.

Atin’s journey then took him to DSM, a European conglomerate, where he was asked to implement SAP with technology protection in their pharmaceutical plants in India. His next move was to Airtel Enterprise Services, where he managed IT operations, governance, PMO, service management, and IT shared service centers across India, South Asia, and Africa. During his tenure, Atin received numerous recognitions from CEOs, Directors, and Leadership Teams, including the prestigious “Chairman’s Appreciation.”

In 2018, Atin joined Adani Enterprise, where he was responsible for integrating IT systems for group companies. However, he had to exit due to family reasons and started his own IT Consulting for Telecoms, FMCG, Conglomerates, and Manufacturing Sectors across the globe. Atin was introduced to one of the EOUs, who wanted him to set up their complete production planning system, digital platform, and plant, and parallelly integrate all in-house apps to one platform, including Oracle ERP, which also required an upgrade. Atin completed this assignment in around 26 months and was “Appreciated by Manufacturing Today in May’21” and “Business World CIO in Jun’21.”

Atin’s expertise in cloud deployments caught the attention of Hitachi Systems India, who approached him to join them as VP – of IT Strategy and Alliances. Atin is passionate about working on different and challenging projects, which has led him to start his own consulting business. His aim is to provide virtual CIOs to small and medium enterprises across all industrial sectors and IT domains, allowing them to save costs and get access to the best resources with proven track records.

Working Creatively, Innovatively & Responsively

Atin Agarwal, a successful leader with close to 2.5 decades of experience, believes that his success is attributed to three key personal qualities. The first quality that he identifies is the ability to simplify problems. According to Atin, identifying the problem in a simpler manner can lead to simple solutions that do not require significant changes or huge costs. Atin emphasizes that people often make problems more complicated than they are, leading to unnecessary costs and time wasted. By simplifying problems, Atin has been able to find efficient and cost-effective solutions.

The second personal quality that Atin identifies as contributing to his success is collaboration. Atin believes that collaboration with the right people or organizations can significantly reduce time and increase efficiency. He emphasizes the importance of trusting people with the right skill set and outsourcing when necessary. Atin encourages people to believe in themselves and their skills but to seek help when needed to achieve the best results.

The third quality that Atin believes contributed to his success is innovation. Atin emphasizes the need to think outside the box and try new things. He believes that technology is evolving so fast that fresh ideas are needed to solve problems. Atin encourages people to think beyond what they have learned from books or past implementations and to try something new.

Atin Agarwal on Keeping Up-to-Date with Latest Technology

Atin Agarwal emphasizes the importance of keeping up-to-date with the latest technology. He acknowledges that there are many communities, forums, webinars, and online materials available to learn and get certified, but he prefers to learn from his team.

Atin recognizes that technology can be a boon, but it can also pose challenges during implementation and deployment. He identifies change management as the main issue that comes with technology selection and ownership from business stakeholders, workflow customization, end-user expectations in terms of UI/UX, and proper UAT before going live. Atin has learned that proper planning and communication are crucial to overcoming these challenges and ensuring a successful implementation. Atin, like a true leader, is leading by example, encouraging others to dream big and believe in themselves!


Overcoming Career Obstacles: Insights from IT Leader, Atin Agarwal

Not many people can face adversity with grace! Atin Agarwal, a seasoned IT leader, believes that the toughest obstacles in one’s career are often rooted in one’s own mindset. He believes that with the right perspective and a focus on collaboration, innovation, and simplification, any challenge can be overcome. However, Atin acknowledges that there are certain challenges that are common to all CIOs and IT leaders. These include budgeting and control, technology and partner selection, and change management.

One of the biggest hurdles is cost optimization and deployment of new technology, which often involves convincing the CFO and top management for technology adoption. The feasibility of mapping existing business processes with technology systems and then adopting them is another major challenge. Lastly, convincing stakeholders to embrace technology can be difficult, as they may fear a loss of visibility within the organization. Despite these obstacles, Atin believes that with the right mindset and approach, anything is possible.

Ultimate Awards & Milestones

Atin Agarwal has received several recognitions and accolades throughout his career. He prides himself on his ability to lead and work alongside his colleagues, earning their respect and admiration wherever he goes. His colleagues have described him as a dedicated and hardworking individual who consistently delivers results without compromising on quality.

In addition to his impressive reputation among his colleagues, Atin has also been recognized by industry experts and publications for his outstanding contributions to the field. He was named one of the Top 10 Tech Leaders in India in 2023 and was awarded the IT Strategist of the Year title in 2022.

One recognition that Atin holds particularly dear to his heart is the Chairman’s Appreciation Award that he received in 2009. This award serves as a testament to his dedication and hard work over the years and motivates him to continue striving for excellence in his professional endeavors. Overall, Atin’s impressive track record of success and recognition serves as a testament to his outstanding skills and unwavering commitment to excellence in all that he does.

Atin Agarwal’s Mantra for Professional Success

Atin Agarwal understands the importance of technological advancements in the fast-paced world of business. He believes that technology is essential for any organization to stay ahead in the game, regardless of the industry. As a leader, he emphasizes on having a proper technology refresh policy and not just sweating the assets until they become obsolete. According to him, it’s important to switch to the latest technology to increase efficiency and functionality, which can be achieved by keeping a close eye on OEM/ISVs advancements. Atin Agarwal’s insights reflect his astute understanding of the significance of technology in today’s world and how businesses can use it to their advantage.

Atin Agarwal’s professional experience has taught him a valuable lesson, which he considers his mantra. He believes in working for the organization rather than just a person, including one’s manager or boss. He thinks that delivering quality work and meeting the company’s expectations should be the priority, and there should be no conflicts or finger-pointing later. According to Atin, even if one is trying to please someone, it won’t matter much if one fails to deliver the expected results. He encourages individuals to focus on their work and let their results speak for themselves, which is an excellent approach to building a successful career. Atin Agarwal’s work ethics and values reflect his dedication to his profession and his commitment to achieving success in a fair and transparent manner.

Atin Agarwal: A Visionary Leader in the World of Technology

Atin Agarwal, a renowned technology leader, is known for his innovative and pragmatic approach towards new technologies. When it comes to implementing new technologies, Atin believes in taking calculated risks, keeping in mind the business requirements and the trust of his customers. As an innovation leader himself, he favours new entrants and gives them a chance to prove their worth, but not at the cost of risking the business. For Atin, striking a balance between implementing well-known and industry-tested systems and innovative products is the key.

Looking at the future, Atin has his sights set on a technology leadership position in any of FMCG/ Manufacturing/ Conglomerate Industries. He is a man of action and prefers working on the ground.

Apart from working in a leadership position in a reputed organization, Atin is also working on his own venture, Narayan Teknologies. The company provides consulting, technology, and services to small and medium enterprises globally. Narayan Teknologies is focused on reducing the manpower cost at the IT leadership level/ other operating costs and providing all IT services at one stop shop. The major offering of the company is vCIO, which provides a 3-year roadmap to organizations and helps them implement all the technologies that are part of the roadmap to increase efficiency at the lowest price with better choices available in the market. The company’s mission is to give back to society what Atin has learned from bigger enterprises and implementations and to do the same for small and medium organizations at a very low price. In fact, at the cost of an IT Manager with 8-10 years of work experience.

The Base Remains the Same

Atin Agarwal believes that while the coming generation is already too smart, with a keen interest in technology and advancements like Blockchain, AI/ML/IoT/AR-VR, the fundamental principles of success remain the same. He emphasizes that technologies and advancements come and go, but the base remains the same. He believes that success is all about working together as a team with a “Together we can, and together we will” attitude.

Atin Agarwal considers himself fortunate to have been given a plethora of opportunities that have enabled him to make a positive difference. With decades of golden experience, Atin understands the value of remaining true to himself and is content when he does so!

Words of Wisdom

Atin Agarwal’s journey is truly inspiring, and his success is a testament to his dedication, hard work, and leadership skills. As an accomplished leader in the tech industry, Atin Agarwal has valuable insights to offer to aspiring leaders. When asked about his advice for them, he shared his simple yet powerful success mantra.

The success mantra that Atin Agarwal lives by is to focus on delivering with a clean mindset, even if your competency does not allow you to take on a task. He advises aspiring leaders to approach new challenges with an open mindset and be open to simplification, collaboration, and innovation. According to him, when you stay committed to your goals, things will eventually fall into place, and appreciation will come your way.