Taking you on a fruitful ride of success from the beginning of your business journey.




“God made me fast. And when I run, I feel His pleasure.”
~ Eric Liddell



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Taking you on a fruitful ride of success from the beginning of your business journey.”

CIO Today has been started to help its readers understand the latest trends and challenges with a focus on transformation, growth, and sustainability. It is the leading business and information technology platform for global companies. We are proud to say that CIO Today is the most flexible & comprehensive portal around the globe covering major regions of the Americas, APAC, EMEA, Australia, and others. Read more…


The CIO Today-Joseph Dera
Joseph Dera

My experience advertising my company with The CIO Today Magazine has always been positive. Collaborating with their team on ideas for covers is always so fun, and very productive. The writers create great copy, and are always receptive to any tweaks I ask for. The end product is always something we are very proud of.

Oksana Kolesnikova

Absolutely beautiful, I can tell your team has done its due diligence researching me. Very well done.

Laszlo Dellei
Laszlo Dellei

It's perfect, and I can honestly say it's one of the best interviews I've ever done. I especially love the graphic and the design.

The CIO Today-Leena Kapoor
Leena Kapoor

The CIO Today Magazine is one of the best publications we have come across and I personally love reading it. Just recently we did an article regarding one of our new service lines and many of the referrals came from reading that article. I highly recommend The CIO Today Magazine!

The CIO Today-Robert Wan
Robert Wan

Just a short note to express my pleasure in advertising with Living Magazine. The staff is top notch and professional. We have had NOTHING but positive feedback and mountains of new clients after we ran an advertisement in The CIO Today MAGAZINE! Highly recommended.

The CIO Today-Sarah Brown
Sarah Brown

The CIO Today Magazine has done a great job getting our message out to our target audience. The staff is creative and helps design ads that are contemporary and effective. It offers more than just advertising; they offer the services to help build your business that leads to success in the future. If you are seeking out someone for your advertising needs you will not be disappointed. The CIO Today is the magazine to advertise in!