Small business- concept, growth and marketing

Small business- concept, growth and marketing

The terrible impact of the pandemic on the country’s economy has hit every industry-leading a loss of livelihood for many.
The brutal consequences of the Covid’19 demanded immense support for the concept of Made in India. A push to the Indian Industry and all the incredible talent it entails.

A small business is privately owned, it can be a partnership or a sole proprietorship that has fewer employees and less annual revenue than a regular-sized business. There are a lot of ways in which you can promote, help and encourage a small business sitting at home today!

  • Firstly, every time you get an opportunity or occasion to make a purchase choose to do it from a small business.
  • Secondly, even if you don’t make a purchase follow their page on social media like their latest post or drop a comment on their page. Your engagement will help them attract clients and indirectly make a sale.
  • Thirdly, if you did make a purchase and have a very good experience remember to leave them a review, that will impact their standing in the industry and if you had a negative experience leave them with constructive feedback.
  • Fourthly, if you see something new, fascinating or interesting from a small business, share it with your family and friends through WhatsApp, mail or Instagram. You never know who might be the right connect for a business at a given time.

If you notice a business is doing great write it to them, you never know how your message can boost their motivation! 

And lastly, use your platform in every way to enhance small businesses in a category that you feel passionate about. If you can contribute to someone’s growth, why not? You only grow by helping others.