Our journey started with passion. When our founder, Arvind Ghorwal, was in college, he learnt that it’s very important to be passionate about what you do, because work fills a large part of our lives and if we love what we do, then life becomes blissful.

Years rolled on, our founder became much wiser and he started becoming more compassionate towards the life that we are exposed to. We are not living in a world of individuals, we are living in a living cosmos, where we are a very small part of a very big picture.

We do experience life as an individual, but all our actions influence life around us in some way or another. It’s very important to preserve this planet for ourselves and future generations. We need to conduct an audit of our actions and analyse if we are making the life around us better or miserable. 

When we speak about life, we include everything from a tree, an insect, a grasshopper,a dog, a cow, a bird, a fish to a human being. We do have human rights, but we should also have plant rights, insect rights, animal rights, etc. They have all come here to experience life and we have no right to take it away. They need to be given the space,the resources and everything required for their well-being.

The way the human population and our activities are growing, other living beings are finding it very difficult to find space for themselves. They do not even get the resources required for their survival. The cows, when they are of no use, are left unattended and they just roam in the city, finding it difficult to survive.

 We have built some Gaushalas where such cows are taken care of, but many others still need help. Similar is the story of the street animals, birds and other living beings coexisting with us. We need to be compassionate about them and we should not lose any chance of taking care of them as well. 

We are filling our stomachs, but we should also fill the stomachs of less fortunate human beings, animals and birds around us. We should do as much as we can for them, so that their survival is also taken care of. We need to be very conscious of their well-being as well. If all human beings took care of all the other living beings around them, then we would have a much better world to live in. 

If we want to transform our life and the life around us, we should also get rid of the compulsiveness that exists within us. You can be compulsive about having a tea or a coffee, for many a day doesn’t start before you have a tea or a coffee. 

You can be compulsive about using foul language when you get angry or, for some, it is just fun. You can be compulsive about using Facebook or any other social media. There are many who are compulsive about drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes. The more compulsive you are towards these things, the worse it becomes. 

Most human beings become compulsive about various things till they reach adulthood. And to go beyond this compulsive behaviour is not so easy. Compulsive behaviour and animal behaviour do not have much difference.

 But, when you are conscious or aware of everything that is happening within you, you are capable of experiencing a life of full attention, awareness and consciousness. You are able to understand what’s happening within you and outside of you. If someone abuses you, you don’t just abuse them back. When your actions are not just a compulsive reaction but a conscious action. Once you start eliminating this compulsive behaviour from your life, you start transforming yourself. You become a better version of yourself. When you completely get rid of the compulsive behaviour, you transform into “A new you”. Now, all your actions arise from conscious decisions.

 The journey from compulsiveness to consciousness is what makes this life incredible. It’s like you have evolved from a human being to higher possibilities which are not in the realm of human perception. It takes more than just five senses to experience this dimension of existence. 

This existence of full consciousness is called Samadhi. You might have seen Lord Shiva or Buddha in a meditative pose or the Samadhi pose where they are experiencing life at its peak. 

Would you not want to get out of the compulsiveness and start living a life of consciousness? Would you not want to experience a new you?

 Then the journey starts now! 

About the Author – Arvind Ghorwal is an alumnus of IIT Mumbai. He initially started working for a start-up founded by his seniors and friends, where he led teams which executed operations in Tier 1 cities in India, using the latest visual technologies like VR/ AR, 360 and drones. He then founded Elysian Studios, which creates blissful experiences in Virtual Reality