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Consistency in eating habits

Consistency in eating habits

To achieve your fitness goals, it is very important to stick to the same eating habit. There is no one fit-all diet for everyone and no diet is better than the other. The only diet which works for you is the one you can make your lifestyle. The concept of going on a diet is wrong as when you go on something, very soon you go off it. 

Eating small meals frequently helps, as when you eat larger meals in a lot of gaps you tend to intake more calories than usual. For example, after fasting for 5 hours you would not appreciate a bowl of strawberries but would crave a strawberry tart. We lose the ability and willpower to say no to the wrong food, as at that time our blood sugars are low. Right food at the right time increases willpower and keeps us full. 

Meal planning can be very helpful in sticking to a diet plan, keeping yourself occupied ensures that you don’t binge when you are free. Moderation over deprivation also works. When it comes to health and fitness, consistency is the key. We should see food as a friend, not a foe, and find the correct way to fuel our bodies.