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Cloud kitchen

Cloud kitchen

                     In the very virtual world where everything happens in the span of a click, the food industry has opened its doors to the concept of ‘cloud kitchens’ also known as Ghost kitchens. A cloud kitchen is a kitchen used by multiple brands at the same time that prepares meals and processes orders through online food aggregators like Zomato and Swiggy.

Unlike traditional kitchens, cloud kitchens can process up to 4 times more orders in an hour. This automatically increases their revenues and profits. As there is a lot of cost-saving from real estate, electricity, furniture and labor. The pandemic has given a boost to the online food delivery industry, also the fact that smartphone users in India are now over 500 million, justifies the increasing popularity of cloud kitchens and online food delivery in India.

With any new technology, there are going to be certain drawbacks along with the benefits. Here are some of the potential challenges that come with running a cloud kitchen. Indian still find it hard to trust anything available entirely online, and so cloud kitchens find it hard to establish themselves in an emerging market. Reliance on third-party delivery apps, competing in a crowded digital marketplace, Food quality and food safety and Local regulation and licensure are the direct hindrances to the concept of cloud kitchen. The trend is driven by the coming of age of millennials with disposable income demanding digital, mobile-friendly solutions. The coming age is a generation of smartphones and so cloud kitchen will be a booming and thriving industry in the years to come.