Productivity hacks

Going through an unenterprising phase? Check out these productivity hacks!

We all have that phase in which we just do not feel like working or become very inefficient. Especially when you are working from home, it becomes very difficult to achieve the same level of productivity that you are accustomed to achieving in your office.

Here are a few productivity hacks that we recommend you try out, even trying one of them out will make you feel the difference in your overall mood and approach while working!

  1. Plan your days:

We cannot emphasize how important this is, plan your days ahead, or plan an entire week ahead if you can. What this does is it gives you a framework, when you go through your tasks for the day, you are mentally preparing yourself for it.

You may not realize it, but you can stay motivated for longer. Try planning a day and then the next day just wing it, do not prepare a plan, just go with the flow of the day and you will notice the difference.

  1. Setup a dedicated workspace:

One of the biggest challenges while working from home is the lack of a dedicated workspace. Working from comfortable spots where you are accustomed to relaxing and unwinding such as your bed or couch is guaranteed to hinder your productivity.

        No matter how small the space, a simple table and chair along with a notebook and some pens will suffice. Keep it exclusively for working, when you sit at a space that is the closest to the setup in your workspace, you can think better, you are less likely to doze off or sit for long hours without finishing any tasks.

  1. Take frequent breaks:

We get that it is hard focusing for long hours at a stretch at home. Especially considering that there will be a lot of reasons for you to get distracted at home.

If you tend to get distracted often, follow techniques such as pomodoro. In this, you work in increments of 25-30 minutes without getting distracted. After this, you get 5-10 minutes of break time. Adjust this according to your preferences. With the incentive of timely breaks on your mind, you can work better.

  1. Get a workout in

Exercise can help you focus for a long time. You do not have to workout in the middle of your workday, even a 20-minute walk around the block or a quick grocery run can double-up as a refresher.

Not only will you feel better, but your creativity will improve, and you will procrastinate lesser.


Yes, we cannot emphasize how important this is hence it is in all caps! No matter how tired you are but do complete the tasks that you have planned to finish for the day.

If you postpone your work, you just end up piling one task above the other. This will end up demotivating you more!

If you are really tired, then you should attempt to complete a small part of your task, remember that every bit counts!

  1. Use productivity-boosting apps!

There are numerous apps for iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows that help you track your productivity and give you tips to boost it!

Mac users can try Serene, an app that blocks all the apps and notifications that tend to distract you and get in your way!

Todoist is another notable app that breaks down your complicated tasks into smaller chunks that you can achieve. You can create tasks, set deadlines and goals, and keep track of your progress with the many features available.

Wunderlist, Trello, Slack, Monday, and Airtable are some of the other apps that all help you boost your productivity.

With these apps you are sure to have a boost in your overall productivity!

Do give these tips a try! Notice the change in your productivity!