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Multi designer stores

Multi designer stores

The concept of multi-designer stores was initiated to embrace Indian designers, our heritage, our culture! The Indian fashion industry has always been Rich, Unique and versatile, it has managed to become a popular fashion hub for various global brands.
It offers variety and provides a luxurious experience to the consumers, connects the designer to the consumer and transforms itself according to the perspective of the consumer.
The idea also germinates from observing the struggles of finding the perfect outfit across the city. Multi-designer stores bring the most extraordinary pieces of the best designers under one roof. Lovely hand-picked, showcase chic and avant-garde focusing on the masterpieces of several designers, as today’s generation settles for nothing lesser than the best!
It also addresses a significant gap in the market between high-street and premium fashion.
Over the years, working with such a great amount of passion, dedication and enthusiasm the designers have conveyed to us, an understanding of the talent that exists in every corner of our country and how much impact this amazing concept can create upon their industry.