Shirley Billigmeier

Shirley Billigmeier, Owner of Innergetics

Welcome to the world of Innergetics, a transformative process created by Shirley Billigmeier, the visionary owner of Innergetics. This revolutionary approach enables individuals to rediscover the pleasure of eating and movement while embracing a body they truly love. Innergetics provides a pathway to uncovering and re-establishing one’s own eating boundaries – the innate wisdom of hunger and taste that we all possess. Infants are born with this natural ability, and Shirley’s mission is to guide clients back to reconnecting with these forgotten boundaries.

Staying True to Purpose

Shirley Billigmeier embarked on her career journey with a deep-rooted passion for helping others. As a former teacher in Health and Physical Education, she witnessed the detrimental effects of food obsession and body image struggles on her students. Determined to recapture the forgotten joy of eating and living in a body one loves, Shirley created Innergetics. Her mission is to guide individuals toward rediscovering their innate eating boundaries, allowing them to embrace food as a source of energy for a fulfilling life. With a wealth of tools and unwavering integrity, Shirley’s personal qualities of insight, persistence, and knowledge have been pivotal to her success as a leader.

Guided by her ideals, Shirley strives to resolve all eating and weight issues, freeing individuals to channel their energy into their creative talents. Breaking free from traditional methods, Innergetics now offers an online course, allowing individuals to learn the fundamentals with personal guidance from a certified coach. Shirley’s dedication to reaching a broader audience led her to collaborate with Course Creek professionals, who guided her through the process of launching her course online. She understands the importance of showcasing success stories and providing real-life examples, which is why she connects individuals with those who have restored their eating patterns using the Innergetics process. This online course is supplemented with personalized coaching, providing comprehensive support to those seeking a transformative journey. Despite the challenges of bringing her intuitive approach to a wider audience, Shirley recognized the need for certified coaches who could share her methodology. Now, with four coaches from around the world, including Jan Niemand, Sue Lester, Stella Litton, and Jessie Rose, Innergetics is expanding its reach and impact.

Feathers in the Cap

Shirley’s remarkable contributions have earned her numerous recognitions and accolades. She is a distinguished alumnus of the University of Minnesota, and her book “Inner Eating” gained acclaim with a foreword written by Dr. Michael Jensen of the Mayo Clinic. As a sought-after guest speaker, Shirley has shared her expertise at national conventions. Luxe Magazine has honored her with the Best Food Relationship award in 2021 and 2022 while being named among The Top 100 Innovators and Entrepreneurs for 2023. However, the ultimate satisfaction for Shirley lies in witnessing the joy that emerges in individuals who find harmony with their eating habits and embrace life in a body they love.

Striving to Bring Change

As a true teacher and consultant, Shirley knows the value of focusing on one’s strengths and seeking help in areas where expertise is lacking. She acknowledges that marketing and technical aspects are not her forte, and that’s where her team of experts comes in, ensuring her material reaches the world effectively. By delegating these tasks to professionals, Shirley can focus on what she does best – helping individuals transform their relationship with food and their bodies. Shirley firmly believes that the Innergetics process is the ultimate solution to all eating and weight issues. It tackles the root cause by guiding individuals to reconnect with their internal eating boundaries. Through Innergetics, she is revolutionizing the way individuals perceive food and their bodies, allowing them to reclaim the joy of eating and living.

A Wide Perspective on the Future

With a personal mantra of nurturing and developing creative gifts, Shirley’s future endeavors center around expanding her reach to help as many people as possible. By teaching others to share her transformative process, she aims to guide individuals in resurfacing their own eating boundaries. As an inspiring leader, Shirley advises aspiring leaders to believe in themselves and view failures as stepping stones toward their vision. She emphasizes the importance of embracing learning opportunities and constantly seeking ways to improve and evolve.