Nikita Sachdev

Nikita Sachdev, Founder and CEO of LUNA PR

Success and Hard work are Wonderfully Infectious

It is no secret that everyone desires to be successful. And it is not only those who are born with a silver spoon but also those who want to improve their lives and live a more fulfilling one. This kind of determination is one of the most important abilities that we can have in order to achieve what we want.

Nikita Sachdev, an Indian-American businesswoman, is an angel investor who is an inspiration to many. In 2017, she found her passion in the Crypto and Blockchain space. Soon after, this female entrepreneur launched her own marketing agency, Luna PR, headquartered in Dubai. She used the power of visualization which worked wonders for her career.

Initially, Nikita was fascinated by a variety of industries. But after exploring, she found what she was meant for. She has hustled 18 hours a day and worked for weeks without taking a break. Many people judged her working for so many hours and called it just a phase that will pass. But they did not know the rewards of being successful. The CEO of Luna PR is undeniably an example of how one can make it to the top, despite challenges. 

Her Inception Story

We are told from childhood to be a doctor, an engineer, or a lawyer. After getting a degree, we begin choosing a suitable career path to succeed in life. However, only half of the youngsters discover what they want to pursue and Nikita Sachdev is one of them! 
 In 2015, after graduating with a dual major degree in business & environmental science, she wanted to feed her entrepreneurial spirit. As she was already modeling full-time back then and soon after started her own modeling agency, she knew she had something to fall back on in case the venture didn’t work out. Nikita launched Luna Management, a talent management agency and production house, with her partner. It became a success and grew rapidly in no time. They started venturing into production and expanded their database to over 1000 talents. It became a glorious and important milestone in her life.

In 2017, an exciting project came up where she was asked to be the spokesperson. The script seemed like an entirely different language – cryptocurrencies, blockchain, ICO’s and whatnot. “When I asked the CEO of that company what we were talking about he told me that if I had bought $100 of Bitcoin in 2009, I would’ve been a millionaire today. At the time bitcoin was 3,000 USD. It wasn’t an investment size I would have made, but what piqued my interest was that I didn’t need to invest the whole ticket size, I was able to invest whatever fraction I was comfortable with,” says Nikita.

 After developing a sense of curiosity in this area, she researched for days about the crypto space and began investing $100/week. As the price of bitcoin shot up to 19k, Sachdev saw a surge in her interest and a whole host of possibilities. A potential game-changer was a video that she consequently made about how Bitcoin would disrupt the monetary industry and to her surprise, it became viral among a large number of followers on social media. Luckily, it landed in the hands of Huobi exchange, a unicorn crypto exchange today, and Nikita became the host of their talk show. This brought her huge recognition in the space and Nikita started working alongside some of the largest fintech companies as an advisor and public speaker. After getting a lifetime of experience from renowned projects in the space, In 2020, she decided to sell her shares in Luna Management to her cofounder, and focus on growing Luna PR.

 Nikita feels pleased to share that her agency consists of a female-led management team – a rare scenario in the blockchain industry. Although she had no formal knowledge of this field, she knew this was her forte and followed her passion. Sachdev is a firm believer of the fact that every experience brings with it a whole array of teachings that we should try our best to grow and learn from.

Her Vision & Goals – Dreaming Big! 

Nikita Sachdev has learned from her experience the importance of not limiting oneself. Anything can be achieved with hard work and manifestation. She mentioned how she created an opportunity where women from all walks of life are welcomed to dive deep into an industry where they are not usually given an opportunity or exposure. Her company is also empowering them, not only from the knowledge of Blockchain but knowledge of how to invest in this ever-growing technology. Newcomers at Luna PR get a golden opportunity to learn more about blockchain and investments, which often leads them to financial security. Sachdev is one of the few women entrepreneurs breaking stereotypes and building a name for herself in the blockchain space.
 “Luna PR is more than just PR, marketing, and advisory. It’s a statement of empowerment. We strive to make people independent through investing in crypto,” she says.
While Nikita was always intrigued by cryptocurrency, the driving force was Blockchain, the technology behind it. Right after discovering her passion, she began to travel around the globe, speaking at universities and conferences, including Oxford University. Nikita adds, “Blockchain is very empowering in the sense that it can provide people with their own right to hold their identities and money while making this world a more transparent place to live.” She looks forward to putting Luna Foundation in motion, where her company will educate underprivileged women

 Adding further to her future plans, this self-made businesswoman is fully motivated to expand the firm globally by introducing Luna VC, their venture capital, hosting large-scale events, and launching their own fintech publication. Nikita has the vision to popularize the concept of Blockchain and contribute to crypto mass adoption.

 Remarkable Achievements – Touching the Sky

Luna PR’s rewards are enough to speak for themselves. “The best we can do is to constantly strive for progress,” Nikita added. With tremendous dedication, Luna PR has won the ‘Best PR & Marketing Agency in Emerging Tech’ award from Entrepreneur Magazine already. They are proud to have worked with more than 500 crypto and blockchain clients and have created a team of over 100 talented individuals within less than two years of its existence. 
Recently, the agency has caught the attention of government officials worldwide, which is nothing but another milestone!

 How Luna PR works?

In recent years, the rise in digitalization is obvious as cryptocurrencies take the world by storm. Nikita Sachdev realized the opportunity the industry brings early on. She explains, “We have a very hands-on approach and dive deep into the projects as if we are part of them. Our firm works with startups and established projects, helping them create awareness and increase exposure across the globe.” 
Luna PR feels delighted to have worked with the top cryptocurrencies in such a short span of time. The firm provides five service verticals, namely marketing services, advisory, public relations, event management & branding. The company ensures to maintain a human connection with the clients through frequently held meetings and daily chat sessions.
When COVID-19 hit in 2020, several businesses failed to stay open and people globally ended up losing their jobs. Digital and online industries started gaining a lot of traction, however, which is where Nikita saw a greater need to jump into the market even harder. The pandemic helped Luna PR thrive and expand its reach, offering a treasure trove of growth opportunities. 

Her Dose of Inspiration 

Nikita gives credit for being successful to her dad who not only encouraged her to pursue entrepreneurship but also advised her at every step whenever she faced challenges. The founder of Luna PR has had a fair share of ups and downs throughout the journey. When Nikita was studying chemistry, she listened to her gut feeling and decided to pursue another degree in business. Having two daughters who studied medicine, it was a difficult pill for her father to swallow but he recognized her potential and drive. Today, as we see, Nikita is setting an example in the world of entrepreneurship. She has learned great lessons from her Father, including the ability to live a life of integrity. 
Nikita remembers, “My dad was a director of a big shipping firm and lost his job right before the pandemic happened. He bit his ego and took a job as a postman, finding happiness in that field. Within a year, he got promoted into the management of that same company.” She also gets influenced by her younger sister who believed in her and supported her idea throughout.

Her Advice to Budding Professionals 

According to Nikita, our only limitation is our mind. She has followed a mantra of visualizing her goals in her life irrespective of what her peers or friends think. She never takes rejection to her head as she believes there has to be a sure-fire way to work things out. She feels glad to have always followed her instincts and left no stone unturned to make her dream turn into reality. 
Today, Sachdev has successfully climbed up the ladder of corporate success. Her greatest strength is her willpower. She says that complete control of our destiny is in our hands, but if we act mindfully and have faith, we can achieve anything.