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There are more than 1,50,000 Medical codes for Diagnoses, Procedues, Drugs and Suppplies. There is not a single billing code for patient adherence or improvement, or for helping them stay well.” This profound and thought-provoking quote by Clayton Christensen points out the visible flaws in the healthcare system. Despite being the most important to the well-being of a nation, the field of medicine has many areas in which it is still lacking to date.

However, Dr. Santosh Kumar Guptha is looking to change this reputation with the help of technology and Medical Coding. Most of the tech entrepreneurs who are associated with the field of medicine tend to specialize in computing and information technology which allows them to seamlessly make new equipment that they may think is suitable for the hospitals. With Dr. Santosh, things are different as he is one of the few innovators who are not just well-versed in medical coding but is also a professional doctor with over 18 years of experience.

Emblem of Model Leadership

Dr. Santosh Kumar began his venture at MEDESUN Medical Coding Academy in 2009 and has been able to train over 12,000 coders globally and certify them. The academy has a stellar placement rate as well. The majority of the coders have ended up becoming valuable assets to the top multinational companies across the globe.

Dr. Santosh Kumar was always intrigued by the teaching profession; however, he is an overachiever, a man with immense talent, and an even better work ethic. To him, diversification is the way of life. This is why after his stint as a successful doctor, he learned medical coding in the USA and got his certification in 2004 from AAPC, USA. During his studies and after their completion, Dr. Santosh came across the imminent demand for medical coders who were talented and passionate about their job.

This prompted him to learn and understand the global Medical Coding system and all the specialities that were there available to gain an in-depth understanding and to spread the knowledge amongst other up-and-coming coders. Subsequently, he went on to earn 43 International Certifications in Medical Coding and Health Information Management and he was certified in the USA Medical Coding System and the Australian Medical Coding System respectively. In 2009, he went on to earn the necessary qualifications for a trainer such as AHIMA, USA ICD-10-CM, and PCS becoming an approved trainer.

The Hat of the Medical Coder

What does a medical coder do? Dr. Santosh Kumar breaks it down for us and explains the duty of a coder in this field through a practical example. Consider yourself to be a patient and you consult a doctor in the USA, when you visit a doctor in the country, you will usually meet the nurses and administrators responsible for handling the appointment schedules. Due to this, the stigma is that only nurses and doctors make up the medical industry. While they do form the majority of it, many people are working behind the scenes to assist customers in finding out important information such as the status of their discharge as well as admission process and the cost incurred during treatment, breaking down the costs in a manner that the customer can understand them, and similar information.

While processing such data, English is not the language used for processing. It is the universal alphanumeric language that is exclusively developed for this purpose that is used for medical diagnoses, procedures, drugs and medical supplies. Medical Coding requires special knowledge of this language and plays a big part in the insurance and medical industries.

Medical Coders are experts that act as translators. They take the medical records available of the patient that the practitioner sends as a summarized version and then translate them to universal codes that insurance companies have. They assist the insurer to analyze data from the patient’s medical health records and convert them to the industry standard code. The code is of paramount importance as it is standard globally which means practitioners and the way they treat patients may be different and subjective in two countries such as the USA and India but due to the work of a medical coder, a doctor in India can understand what a doctor in the USA diagnosed the patient with and the course of treatment they have been undergone subsequently and vice versa.

Another advantage of these codes is that they fast-track the process of getting insurance claims. The code can also serve as an integral tool that is utilized to collect statistics and information about a particular disease, the treatment available and the general treatment prescribed, the medicines available, and so on. Medical Coding requires a special skill set of being able to read and write in alphanumeric codes, it involves the translation of medical reports into universal small alphanumeric codes used in the healthcare industry.

The role that coders play has been recognized over the years and today, it has become detrimental for any organization that associates itself with the healthcare industry to have a skilled professional with knowledge of medical coding.

The advantages of the health information system developed by medical coders to ensure the patients have a seamless experience are many. With this system, a hospital can have a well-coordinated and organized treatment procedure that ensures a hassle-free process of sharing information. This system allows patients to get coordinated and seamless treatment from healthcare professionals.

With better healthcare management, the safety of the patient takes an elevated role as a doctor gets the complete history of the patient and the treatment that has been administered in the past. This allows them to not repeat treatments and helps the patient heal faster.

Aside from this, the health information system collects information such as the side effects experienced from any particular medication, reports of any tests that they may have undergone, any allergies they may have, and so on. This process is becoming automated which results in better use of time and money for the hospitals.

Medical coding is a lucrative career option within the healthcare sector. The supply and demand gap for certified and skilled medical coders has increased to 40%; therefore, the profession of medical coding is an in-demand job. The medical coding sector is expanding faster, and the employment opportunities in this sector are expected to grow by 15% by 2024. The demand for highly skilled and well-trained medical coders is expected to increase with each passing day since medical coders help in the seamless functioning of the revenue cycle in the healthcare sector.

Striving to Bring Change

Health information systems (HIS) have completely changed the way healthcare systems throughout the world run. They organise and make medical procedures simpler to understand, improve the efficiency of billing, collect insurance information, and more. The HIS can check the progress of insurance claims submitted by patients, and if there are any delays, patients are promptly informed so that they can address the situation as soon as possible.

Medical coding has now become more important than ever. India is one of the countries that has become one of the most preferred nations for offshore medical billing and coding facilities. The healthcare sector has expanded globally and with this expansion, the demand for billers and coders has gone up significantly. However, the gap between the supply and demand for trained professionals has widened drastically.

Stating the importance of the role of coders, Dr. Santosh Kumar highlights that skilled coders have to adhere to a higher degree of ethical standards while working with confidential patient data. Another crucial factor is paying attention to details; as a healthcare practitioner, one must keep an eye out for even the smallest mistakes because any oversight could have serious consequences. Despite being a tedious job, it requires the coder’s complete focus and attention.

Before becoming a certified coder, one has to undergo a lot of practice so that the accuracy of the individual is as sharp as a knife. There is no room for error and as a result, the course involves a meticulous and disciplined approach. For students who wish to be a part of this profession, a detailed understanding of the human anatomy, biology, and pharma industry are a must. India has a lot of demand for medical coders as countries such as the USA prefer to outsource it here owing to the lesser labor costs and availability of manpower.

Dr. Santosh Kumar sees the potential in the Indian youth and believes they can lead the world when it comes to medical coding as the healthcare industry is one that never witnesses any recession or slowing down. The demand in the near future will only increase and the scope for employment in India’s medical coding sector is high due to the nation being the top destination for this purpose. Given the gap between supply and demand, coders have a chance at bridging this gap as there are millions of job opportunities that are opening up. Medical coders are more important than ever today, says Dr. Santosh, since as the population grows, so do the health problems people experience. As a result, there are a growing number of tests, treatments, and insurance claims. It has never been more important to become certified in medical billing and coding because doing so might help people gain the same respect as a doctor or nurse and become involved in the healthcare industry.

The USA and other developed countries have their eyes locked on India as the preferred hub for this and job opportunities are on the rise as well. India has been known to maintain a high standard when it comes to providing billing and coding solutions, which combined with the element of cheap labour makes it the perfect spot for outsourcing jobs that involve data solutions and processing services.

Medical coders are in high demand; the supply and demand gap for certified and skilled coders has increased to 40%. The need for knowledgeable and trained coders will only grow at a 15% annual growth rate. Another major issue in the coding industry is automation, so those with more analytical minds and those who can respond quickly and wisely stand to benefit greatly. The side benefit is the duration of the course. Coding programs are designed in such a way that it takes under a year for students to master the skills and they tend to secure jobs almost immediately after getting their certification. It is not just individuals who are graduating from college. If a person has had some experience in the healthcare sector, then they can also opt to get certified and start a new chapter in their professional sphere.

Nurturing & Developing Leaders of Tomorrow

Medesun has become a leader today in grooming students interested to make a career in medical coding and billing. Dr. Santosh Kumar Guptha is himself a world record holder with 43 certifications and has established himself as a respected individual in the healthcare industry. Medesun does not just help individuals to learn to code, they also focus on developing the necessary skillset such as compliance, practice management, documentation improvement, and auditing among others their students.

Dr. Santosh Kumar Guptha is a world record holder with 43 certifications and is considered a recognized leader in the medical billing and coding industry. He is a highly reputed professional in HL7 training and ICD 10CM training. If you want to opt for advanced medical coding and CPC certification training, you should choose Medesun company. By enrolling in a medical coding program in MEDESUN, you develop important, highly valuable skills in the healthcare sector, such as compliance, practice management, documentation improvement, auditing, etc. The new skills that will be developed through this force program will help you to advance your career. The intense courses offered here can be completed in two months only, and you can master the code and kickstart your career swiftly.

The medical field today requires a balanced combination of soft skills and technical knowledge of medical coders, the ability to think out of the box in an innovative manner and analyze situations and communicate them efficiently has become more important than ever. So, what is it that you are waiting for? Start a new chapter of your professional life by getting certified as a medical coder today!

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