Marie Alexander

Marie Alexander

PR, Advertising & Marketing Maven Marie Alexander: Owning Her Power


As movies make actors movie stars, the glitzy world of social media makes public figures influencers.


Today, there is no doubt that the term “influencer” is more than just a buzzword. It is a title given to creators or public figures who have a popular agency or a huge following or fan base. These influencers mark their presence by finding their audience, meeting their needs, and creating highly relatable and authentic niche-specific content.


The stakes are high when an influencer or creator becomes a brand. Developing a holistic communications strategy starts with building brand awareness, maintaining one’s reputation, grabbing audiences’ attention, building trust, and more. There is no end to the process and its activities. Nevertheless, no brand can take these measures for granted, which is where the PR agencies step in. 


A creator and influencer must see things from a broader perspective. PR agencies are perfect partners acting as meditators between the brands and their audiences. Their understanding of situations allows them to respond promptly and appropriately. Millions of PR agencies operate around the world today, but only a handful manage to establish themselves in a way that is driven, passionate, and forward-thinking.


With her vast experience and expertise, legendary and futuristic leader, Marie Alexander, the Founder of Alexander PR Group is disrupting the market of Digital Marketing and PR agencies.


Alexander PR Group (APRG) is an award-winning, world-class PR, marketing, advertising, and public relations agency with one of the world’s largest and most innovative digital marketing campaigns. 


Marie is a trendsetting creative director, model, and advertising expert with 18 years of experience in the business, lifestyle, and luxury sectors. She has worked with leading businesses all over the world, including Fortune 500 companies. 


Besides being an entrepreneur, she is also a triathlete and an expert in finance. Through her patience, nurturance, endless stamina, and long-term vision, she continues to lead the advertising, marketing, and PR industries.


APRG’s CEO talks about her company, how it became one of the top PR and marketing agencies, and its exciting future in this interview. In addition, she describes her professional journey, her accolades, mantra, motivating source, and more.


Providing us with a glimpse into the PR industry, she discusses trends, obstacles, and her own in-house strategy. Overall, there is a holistic perspective in the interview, and Marie has answered the questions beautifully.


·        As a Digital Marketing & PR Champion, you have a stellar reputation in the industry. Was this where you expected to end up when you began your journey? How did this success happen?


I have worked with 10,000 professionals over the last 18 years, and directed 13,000 creatives. My last 167 PR campaigns and events have been viewed by millions, especially after I won 12 global PR awards. Hard work and meticulous planning are the keys to success.


·        APRG is a leading PR and marketing agency. You have achieved global awards and client success. What is your leadership style?


In terms of digital marketing, advertising, and global PR, APRG is one of the top 10 agencies in the world. A variety of influences, including travel, books, movies, and history, inform my original ideas. I am fortunate that so many of them have become trend-worthy and memorable. In my role as a leader, I motivate and inspire everyone to become the best version of themselves.


·        What are you working on at the moment, and could you tell our readers about an exciting milestone you’ve reached?


As a triathlete, I have worked with medical professionals for more than three years. APRG represents leading surgeons, specialists, and manufacturers of medical devices. Personal health and wellness are of utmost importance. I am constantly urging my friends to take better care of their health. Health is wealth.


·        When it comes to achievements and recognition, what makes you stand out?


I strive for perfection as a person and experienced professional. Being an ENFJ-A protagonist, a Piscean with a Virgo moon sign, and a triathlete makes me one of the most trustworthy people. I am also known for my ability to work long hours and commitment to a company or brand. It’s been said that I exude extreme order, structure, cleanliness, and perfection. My warmth, engaging personality, charisma, and talkativeness are typical of an ENFJ-A. According to Google, the ENFJ-A personality type is the most powerful. This group is said to possess the strongest people skills and excel in social situations, both online and in person.


·        What are the latest PR trends shaping the industry?


An organisation’s brand and image are shaped by a PR specialist. Buyers will continue to place an emphasis on social consciousness in 2023, making it essential to find media opportunities that are quality-driven rather than quantity-driven. The importance of digital visibility and presence will be equal to that of physical ones. Alexander PR Group strives to provide our partners with effective opportunities to meet these market demands.


·       In addition to its many accomplishments, APRG is affiliated with many prominent athletes and celebrities. What obstacles did you have to overcome to get APRG to where it is now?


It was a chance encounter that led me to it. Several serial entrepreneurs believed in me. I am thankful for all the opportunities I have been given. My goal is to serve as many clients as possible worldwide. I believe the universe is guiding me.


·        How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?


Before and during Covid, we digitalized all our work, reached huge numbers in one PR campaign, and won the Best Digital PR Agency award at the World Association Communication Forum Davos Awards in Switzerland. I didn’t expect to be fully digitalized so quickly. Nevertheless, I started the influencer trend three years before it became popular. 


·        Each of us has a person who inspires and motivates us. Who inspires you in your life?


It’s my dad. My alpha father was a champion marksman, marathon runner, gymnast, and veteran art director for Singapore Press Holdings. I am very much like my father and have always looked up to him.


·        Do you have a mantra that you live by?


I have two. Firstly, your good deeds will attract the good deeds of others. Secondly, treat others the way you want to be treated.


·        How does your business differentiate itself from competitors in the PR and marketing industry?


I possess a wealth of world-class experience and a unique personality. When it comes to creating world-class ideas that are trendsetting, originality is my strong suit.


·        Are there any professional goals or experiences that you haven’t yet achieved? Which one, if any?


The universe already knows what I want. My life will unfold as the universe wills it


·        It is not easy to work in a PR agency as you face several challenges daily. How do you make the work easy and smooth? 


It takes decades of trial and error to make the right decisions. Hiring people you can trust and leading them with kindness is the best thing you can do.


·        As an expert in PR, Marketing, Advertising, and Finance, what advice do you have for aspiring professionals looking to establish a reputation in this industry?


Perfection comes from practice. To reap rewards, you must work hard.


·        What sets your company apart from other top companies in the world?


The following are easier to share as pointers:

·       There is mutual respect between us and the brands. 

·       We are innovation-focused and dynamic. 

·       We are mission-driven.  

·       I believe that outstanding leadership = happy employees and customers/partners.

·       Professional and operational excellence are key. 


·        What are your future plans for APRG?


We already work with brands in the region and around the world. Working with global brands is something I want to cultivate, not only for the recognition, but also to learn from them. Additionally, I am looking into setting up remote offices in the US and Europe.


·        What sectors do you prefer to work in?


I am passionate about health and wellness for B2C, and B2B Finance & Tech. I also enjoy working with brands outside my comfort zone as it pushes me to expand my knowledge. APRG is a very powerful PR agency. There is no sector or person I cannot work with.


·        Who are the leading celebrities, politicians or government bodies that you are affiliated with? 


When I meet a politician, I am often mistaken for a minister. When I attend or grace an event, people assume I am the boss of the event, a VIP, or the guest of honour. I usually sit at the VIP table. In addition to having a network of leading public figures, ministers, politicians, and CEOs of SEA & SG Fortune 500 companies, I also work with leading celebrities and athletes with more than 300 million followers on IG.