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Janice L. Quigg

Janice L. Quigg

Minimizing conflicts is the foolproof way to maximize profits

Over time, we realize the power of persistence. It’s about fighting for what you believe in, unwavering in your convictions, and not taking rejection as an answer. It’s about being bold in the face of adversity to drive forward even when it feels nearly impossible. One example of such a personality is Janice L. Quigg, Executive VP/General Counsel, who is a construction lawyer with 22 years of golden experience.

Throughout her legal career, she has devoted her complete self to teaching others uncovering the sources of conflict and handling them confidently. When we see a well-established business firm, we often don’t recognize all that goes behind in making it successful. The existence of conflicts in the workplace can cause stress which results in killing productivity. Janice at the Dependable Group of Companies helps businesses resolve these conflicts amicably and thus increase their customer satisfaction

Daunting to most lawyers, construction law is an extremely technical area of law. Although the construction industry is highly male-dominated, Janice has made a mark and continues to inspire millions of aspiring female lawyers. In addition, she feels utterly delighted to have spoken at conferences for the Law Society of Ontario, the Ontario Bar Association, and other construction industry conferences.

The Story of a Charismatic Lawyer

We are all constantly fighting battles, but have you ever been at peace while fighting for others? As a free-spirited person, Janice has always been brave enough to stand for herself. She had felt very driven to opt for a legal career, even as a child. At age twelve, she knew that she wanted to be a lawyer. Her undergraduate degree in Criminology and Sociology reinforced this dream and interest in law.
 When she applied to law school, it was extremely difficult to gain entry due to the increased competition, with approximately 3000 applicants for 250 seats. But she had her goals clear and took intentional steps to move forward. Soon after, she was accepted to a prestigious law school and graduated in the domain from Osgoode Hall Law School in Toronto. Janice has further learned Leadership Coaching Strategies at Harvard as well as Division of Continuing Education Professional Development Programs. Her positive approach towards hard work and a desire to help people prosper in life certainly offered her a plethora of growth opportunities.

What Janice has in Store for her Clients?

For Janice, her clients are above anything else. With constant dedication, she is proud to be known as an exceptional lawyer who has never had a case go to trial. She offers businesses more cohesive and productive teams, less sick time, higher retention, and better innovation. Her parties benefit by moving from entrenched to common interests, thus improving the likelihood of success. In her entire legal career, Janice has been praised for her professionalism, humility, persistence, and high-flying behavior, which has enabled her to be an extraordinary leader in the business & commercial law industry. She thinks that great leaders view conflict resolution as a strategic advantage that engages employees, creating an open environment where great ideas flourish. Janice Quigg educates firms to not just resolve conflict, but to embrace it, harnessing their dynamic energy to serve their organization’s prominent goals. Many of her clients, after undergoing a bunch of changes in their functioning, have seen a visible peak in their productiveness and customer satisfaction. Driven to break down barriers in the construction law industry, Janice is confident to make a difference with her well-polished skills and expertise.

Awards & Achievements – Unimaginably Inspirational

A life-long learner, Janice Quigg has proved to be disciplined and achieved the balance many of us struggle to attain in life. She believes in sharing her experience with others to guide and help them realize their true potential. To make it possible, Janice became a TEDx speaker, which focused on the construction industry and all of the positive ripples it makes in the local community and globally. Then, she completed her mediation training at Harvard and developed a leadership model: L.E.A.D. Janice is glad to offer leadership courses to the business community which has always been received with great enthusiasm. She has also been a member of the Global Speakers Federation and Women Speakers Association.
Besides, she is now in-house counsel and newly appointed Vice President of the Dependable Group of Companies, which is a mechanical, electrical, and HVAC contracting firm. The firm specializes in the service of high voltage systems, heating, plumbing, energy management, and much more. Now that her role has expanded from legal counsel to leadership training & development, Janice is keen to see the company climb up the ladder of success and reach a significant level, along the side of its president, Rajesh Ahuja. Talking about her future plans, she is motivated to undertake new projects at the Dependable Group, while striving to improve their corporate culture.
Apart from this, Janice is the proud CEO of Janice Quigg International Inc. which offers personal development courses, leadership training, and workshops to the corporate world. As Jack Certified Canfield Trainer, she intends to help business owners by giving them the tools to not just resolve conflict but embrace it as a positive and profitable force in their business. 
This top lawyer, coach, and author is among the top 100 Canadian Professionals and 10 Most Admired Business Women 2021. In addition, she has grabbed her position in the 10 Most Admired Women Leaders in Business 2021. A true leader that she is, Janice is setting an example for dreaming big and believing in yourself. 
Always looking for new challenges, over the last few years, Janice has expanded her intellectual activities to not only cover one field of research like before but to take on multiple spheres of activities. The award-winning author has co-written two books, one with Jack Canfield, author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, and one with Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Airlines/Records. She has been honored with Editor’s Choice Awards for both of the chapters. She also contributed a chapter to Professional Performance 360 Special Edition: Success, whose co-authors include Richard Branson. Presently, Janice is working on her next book, An Exceptional Workplace: The Secret to Creating Irresistible Companies that Attract and Retain Talented Employees. 
Janice Quigg is a well-rounded individual who keeps setting new goals and achieves them happily. She has gone the extra mile and is currently developing an online course on achieving goals and success while focusing on combining her personal experience with that of the latest developments in neuroscience, psychology, and the laws of attraction. Recently, she was also invited as a guest speaker for the Australian government on the topic of “Using Conflict as a Catalyst for Change and Innovation”. 
The wealth of experience and wisdom accumulated throughout Janice’s 22 years of being a lawyer is worth appreciating! 

Her Strength – Seeking Perfectionism

They say lawyers change lives. In the case of Janice Quigg, we can’t agree more! For being successful, you need to use your strengths to achieve goals. For Janice, that’s tenacity and confidence. She has always gone out of her comfort zone and gave her all to make her daring dream turn into reality. Being a curious learner, she keeps expanding her skillset from time to time, skills that will set her apart from millions of others in her legal career journey.
She expresses, “Even as a young lawyer, I would be up until the early morning hours conducting research for a case, looking for the perfect cases to support my client’s position.” Janice, being a diligent person, has experienced so much in her life and not many things are as satisfying and rewarding as being a respected lawyer. “Just as I was about to call it a night, I would say to myself, let’s just search for another five minutes, and then, I would find the perfect case!” she adds. 

Ideals as a Self-Made Leader

Apart from being talented & determined, Janice Quigg is highly detailoriented. She is constantly focused on even the slightest of details in her work. She believes that in law as well as in business, even one little error diminishes your credibility, and getting the smallest details right makes you shine. “If someone has an accent in their name, I take time to figure out how to include it in an email to show respect for the person I am writing to and to illustrate diligence in my work,” says Janice. In addition, she is a firm believer in the fact that how you do anything is how you do everything. 
The Harvard-educated mediator has always had a thirst for justice. She was the kid with the sharp tongue, always ready to help others solve their conflicts, and say what she thought was right. She has a deep-seated need to make people achieve their goals and it always lights her up seeing them succeed. 
As a global speaker on leadership and conflict issues, Janice has utilized her knowledge and experience for good while enabling businesses to thrive in every way possible in her professional journey. Besides, she strives to find positive and more cost-effective solutions for her clients. An urge to look for new challenges has made her the strong, confident person she is today. 

Her Inspiration

Janice Quigg is the perfect epitome of how one can achieve their goal with sheer determination and a never give up attitude. Growing up, Janice has taken inspiration from her mother who has been there for her through thick & thin. Needless to say, her mother has been her constant role model who influenced her with pearls of wisdom to perform the best in not only personal but professional life as well. Janice mentions, “My mom instilled in me a great work ethic. She also taught me that I really could achieve anything I put my mind to. She not only did this with her words but more so with her actions.”
Apart from her mother, her 14-year-old son, Ryan is also a great inspiration to Janice. The mother-son duo bond so well that on most days you would find them at the hockey stadium. 
When she welcomed the arrival of her son, she thoroughly enjoyed the domestic bliss and has observed him since he was a young boy. Being a rebel, Janice encourages her child to make his own choices in life. “Ryan excels academically and athletically. He has dreams of playing in the NHL and is considered one of the best goalies in his age group. He is truly my biggest success in life,” adds Janice. A proud working mom, Janice has proved to be a wonderful example of nurturing motherhood, and Ryan’s drive, determination, and heart made parenting so rewarding for her.

Obstacles & Challenges

When asked Janice Quigg if she had ever faced any obstacles in her career due to her gender, she quoted, “Honestly, I have been asked this question and have never felt or believed that being a woman has been an obstacle in any way.” Janice believes that we all face a nice bundle of challenges in a lifetime and it is important to be resilient while facing difficult situations. Be it personal or professional spheres, she has maintained a healthy balance. Moreover, she desires the young ambitious woman in the community to be at the top of the game, regardless of gender, and build progressive ideas with thoughtful minds.

 Her Advice – A Golden Thread to a Successful Life

Many people give up if they do not experience victory. Instead of a doomsday approach to life, the best is to find your interest and infuse whatever you are doing with fun. “Be fearless, tenacious, and pursue whatever ignites your passion. You must have the confidence and belief that you can succeed and, you will,” added Janice.
As a greatly ambitious lawyer, she strives to constructively resolve conflict and aims to share all she has learned about conflict & its costs with her clients. Despite being a bold professional, she makes sure to prioritize her family first and spends as much quality time as possible with them. She finds peace in her work and never fails to celebrate all the little milestones!