Brian Parenteau

Brian Parenteau

A Proven Leader Building Marvels In The Hospitality Industry

Brian Parenteau is a remarkable serial entrepreneur who has maintained continued success in the restaurant industry. Offering a myriad of options consisting of cuisine and nightlife, Brian has been the talk of the town in Ft Lauderdale. This narrative comprises tangible evidence of his incredible entrepreneurial competence and remarkable leadership skills that allowed him to climb the ladder of corporate success.

An Overview Of His Business Trail 

Brian first entered the hospitality industry 20 years ago as a bar back in a South Beach nightclub. He quickly found himself being promoted to a bartender position, which unexpectedly ignited a hidden passion within him. Gradually, he etched a noteworthy presence for himself in the industry with sheer hard work and ceaseless determination. His phenomenal voyage began in the vibrant city of Miami. However, the hectic hours of Miami’s nightlife took a toll, leading Brian to seek a “real job” in a white-collar environment. Yet, after several years as a mortgage broker, he realized that the desk-bound corporate life wasn’t fulfilling his true calling. Longing for the excitement, energy, and relationships that he had formed during his bartending years, Brian made a bold decision and decided to leave corporate America.  Eager to reenter the industry, he ventured into opening a Banquet Hall, offering freelance bartending and party planning services for special events. This experience reignited his love for the hospitality field, but he still felt a void in the freelance environment, yearning for a deeper sense of purpose. 

Brian’s quest eventually led him to his first long-term bartending position at Big City Tavern on Las Olas in Ft Lauderdale. There, he immersed himself for over nine years, rediscovering his passion for everything the hospitality industry encompassed—people, enjoyment, and financial opportunities. During his time at Big City Tavern, the leader had the privilege of connecting with highly influential individuals who would become lifelong friends and future business partners where he met his current business partner Douglas Herbst. He considers that as his transformative period allowing him to refine the skills he initially acquired in Miami.  However, it was when Brian made the move to Grille 401 as the beverage manager, just a block away from Big City Tavern, that he truly mastered his craft. He was overwhelmed by the location, ambience, crowd, and support and scaled the ladder to success until he opened the doors of Drynk a few years later. Brian claims that he is always grateful for his extensive tenure on the renowned Las Olas strip, as it taught him the intricate inner workings of the industry—what makes a bar successful, what pitfalls to avoid, and how to build a cohesive team that can withstand any challenge. Navigating various waves of challenges, Brian gained valuable experience that he believes would serve him well in the future. He learned the importance of meticulous planning, having a contingency fund, and being prepared for the unexpected. The challenges he faced provided him with a solid foundation of knowledge and skills, enabling him to tackle future ventures with greater confidence. Also, his adaptability to the market requirement allowed him to offer the most relevant services to the patrons in this competitive market.  

Exemplary Business Acumen 

As the founder and owner of DrYnk Bar and Lounge, Tulio’s Tacos and Tequila Bar, and Patio Bar & Pizza, Brian serves up some of the most unique atmospheres and menus to please every mood and palate. From an intimate speakeasy-style bar with a standalone backyard to an upscale twist on classic Mexican fare, and some of Ft Lauderdale’s most beloved pizza. With 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry at every level, Brian founded his startup in 2017. Since then, his repute has been spread across the industry bringing him global applause/awards from several media houses and publications.   

His business acumen and leadership are a testament to his extensive set of entrepreneurial capabilities to build and grow successful businesses. All of his accomplishments speak volumes of his track record, making him a sought-after and accomplished entrepreneur. The golden feathers in his cap not only justify his capabilities but also offer an enticing opportunity for potential investors who are searching for a proven leader. He is adamant that with a collaborative approach, he could capitalize on tremendous opportunities for growth and resounding success. 

In his spectacular entrepreneurial journey, Brian came across various roadblocks that taught him crucial business lessons. After all, who said, this trajectory is a bed of roses to walk upon? For instance, his journey of opening a new bar on a renowned strip in South Florida was not without its challenges. Beyond the expected capital investments and monetary issues, he encountered numerous obstacles including the Covid shutdown that tested his resilience and determination. However, Brian and his partners faced these challenges head-on, ultimately overcoming them and emerging stronger every time. 


As his very first brainchild, Brian has a close connection to DrYnk which he spearheads with a hands-on approach, attention to detail, and passion. Located in the vibrant center of Wilton Manors, DrYnk Bar & Lounge offers a truly stellar experience with its expertly crafted cocktails, cozy lounge atmosphere, and welcoming staff. One can step into the backyard and find oneself transported to a serene garden oasis, enveloped by a relaxed ambience that invites one to unwind. At the time of sunset, the guests can indulge themselves in its continuously evolving selection of libations, ensuring that each visit is an indelible and delightful experience. People have testified to being captivated by the energy that airs within the establishment and offered it high ratings on various platforms. 

Patio Bar & Pizza 

Working in the hospitality sector for over two decades, Brian developed a deep-rooted desire to offer unforgettable food experiences to his guests. Therefore, he established the ultimate pizza experience at Patio Bar & Pizza, where each pizza is carefully handcrafted and baked in an Italian brick oven, which includes mouthwatering vegan and gluten-free options as well as specialty pies. Alternatively, one can customize the pizza by choosing one’s own preferred toppings. As per Brian, the venture is renowned for its guarantee of the highest quality pizzas made with premium ingredients that promise to satisfy the taste buds of every member of the group. 

They believe in making the most of their fantastic offerings, such as their happy hour specials, Wine down Wednesdays, and exclusive In The Biz deals. “Whether you’re here to catch a game, unwind by our cozy fire pit, or groove to the tunes played by Ft. Lauderdale’s top DJs and live bands, Patio Bar & Pizza is the perfect destination for all. Our bar menus, which are available both indoors and outdoors, offer a wide range of options. Try our expertly crafted cocktails, some even infused with CBD for an inimitable twist. We also have a selection of draft and canned beers, along with a diverse collection of red, white, and sparkling wines available by the glass or bottle,” unfurls the founder, regarding the specialties of the establishment. 

And the cherry on the cake is the fact that Patio Bar & Pizza is pet-friendly!

Tulio’s Tacos and Tequila Bar 

Nestled in the bustling center of Wilton Manors, Tulio’s Tacos and Tequila Bar resonates with the vibrant spirit of Mexico. This dynamic bar and restaurant is the joint venture of Brian with his close-knit friends Doug Herbst, and Tulio Alas. Together, their dedicated culinary and hospitality team works harmoniously to curate a truly distinctive dining experience, ensuring that guests can savor each and every moment. 

As per the founders, Tulio’s Tacos and Tequila Bar is more than just a place to eat; it embodies a profound approach to hospitality. With a robust emphasis on delectable cuisine, expertly crafted margaritas, a wide selection of craft beers, an inviting ambience, and exceptional service, this establishment strives to create an unforgettable experience. It’s a destination where friends gather, bonds are forged, and cherish-able memories are made, whether indulging in a satisfying meal or relishing in the company of fellow patrons while enjoying refreshing beverages. 

The future looks bright for Brian as his upcoming business plans include an expansion to Miami-Dade county with a second location of Tulio’s slated to open in the summer 2024 in the popular Wynwood area.

For the future, Brian is in nonstop pursuit to provide an unequalled customer experience to his valued guests by tapping into his innovative outlook. With time, he is committed to improving the service standards in the industry while boosting the prestige of his ventures.